The Drug Weakens The Chickenpox Virus?

Illustration of The Drug Weakens The Chickenpox Virus?
Illustration: The Drug Weakens The Chickenpox Virus?

1. I got information from my friend, that there is a medicine to weaken the smallpox virus. So that healing can be faster. Please inform about the truth of the matter. u003cbr u003e2. And if it does, there are roughly no side effects that require additional drugs. U003cbr u003e3. Also ask for nutritional information in order to help cure chicken pox.

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Chickenpox (varicella) occurs because the Varicella zoster virus enters the body through the respiratory tract. Clinically, the patient will experience a skin rash that is initially reddish, then develops into an embossed and runny, then breaks and dries to form a scab. This skin rash can feel very itchy and appear accompanied by other complaints, such as weakness, fatigue, decreased appetite, more sensitivity to light, and so on.

Because the cause is a virus, chicken pox is treated with anti-viral medication. You can get this medicine by checking yourself directly to a doctor or a specialist in skin and genitals. Healing this disease will take place more quickly in people with good endurance, of course, if supported by proper treatment, such as:

More rest
Drink at least 8-10 glasses of water a day
Eat healthy foods, and contain lots of vitamin C
Always maintain personal hygiene, including by diligently bathing, changing clothes at least 2 times a day, washing hair, diligently washing hands, and shortening nails
Avoid direct contact with other people who suffer from infectious skin infections
Do not carelessly take medication, except as prescribed directly by a doctor

Need to be clarified, where did your colleague get the information? What medicine is meant?

So far, the definitive treatment in the case of chicken pox is done by administering antiviral drugs. This drug is useful in inhibiting the replication (propagation) of the virus, so that with a strong immune system, the body can ward off the impact of the entry of the virus into the body itself. As for the statement you are using, namely weakening the smallpox virus, it can actually lead to an ambiguous understanding. Therefore, it is necessary to clarify the purpose of the statement first. What is clear, if the information comes not from an accurate source, such as competent health workers, medical journals, or scientific books, then not everything you can immediately believe the truth.

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