The Duration Of Healing For Tetanus?

Illustration of The Duration Of Healing For Tetanus?
Illustration: The Duration Of Healing For Tetanus?

Good afternoon, my father had tetanus, he said, it was severe because it spread to the nerves, how long would it take to recover?

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Tetanus is an acute infectious disease caused by toxins produced by the bacterium Clostridium tetani, characterized by stiffness and skeletal muscle spasms.
These bacteria are everywhere, such as soil, road dust, human or animal feces. Tetanus toxin enters the body after contamination of skin blisters, puncture wounds, or the umbilical cord cut edge of newborns.
There are two mechanisms for spreading toxins to the nervous system in tetanus, namely:
1. Toxins are absorbed in the connection of nerves to muscles, then migrate to the central nervous system.
2. Toxins through lymphatic vessels and blood to the central nervous system.
Common symptoms of tetanus disease cause sufferers can not open the jaw, swallowing disorders, stiffness of the muscles to repeat even spasms. The severity of tetanus is divided into degrees of mild, moderate, severe, to very severe. A very severe degree is indicated by complaints above accompanied by autonomic instability including unstable hypertension, rapid pulse, and fever. It also can occur heart problems such as rhythm disorders, reducing oxygen supply to the heart muscle, and collapsed circulation which can cause death.
There are three important points in the treatment of tetanus, namely:
1. Dispose of sources of toxins
This is done by cleaning the scars to get rid of the remaining bacteria and toxins left over.
2. Neutralize toxins that are not bound
Antitoxin must be given to neutralize non-binding toxins. The toxin used is human tetanus
immunoglobulin (HTIG). The sooner antotoxins are given after being diagnosed with tetanus, the better the outcome.
3. Supportive care
All patients suspected of tetanus should be treated at the ICU for continuous observation. The status of fluids, electrolytes, blood gases must always be monitored within the normal range. Handling the airway must also be considered in patients who experience respiratory muscle stiffness. Muscle spasms and stiffness can be treated with sedation.
The outcome of tetanus will depend very much on the degree of tetanus and available treatment facilities. If left untreated the death rate will be high. Tetanus recovery tends to be slow but can heal completely, which takes about 4-6 weeks. Some patients may experience permanent electrical waves in the brain, impaired balance, speech, or memory.
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