The Duration Of Healing Of The Sewing Wound In The Ankle?

Illustration of The Duration Of Healing Of The Sewing Wound In The Ankle?
Illustration: The Duration Of Healing Of The Sewing Wound In The Ankle?

Hello .. sorry for disturbing the time .. I want to ask .. I just fell off the bicycle .. and there was a wound in the inner ankle .. it was sewn 3 .. but I was in a UAS exam … if I entered the campus by road feet is okay? “Because this is a state of the test .. thank you 🙏🙏🙏

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The duration of healing for each wound is certainly different for each person. Depending on the extent and depth of the wound, the number of stitches, wound position, and general condition of a person. The wider and deeper the wound, the longer the healing process will certainly be. Likewise with the position of the wound. Suturing the wound, especially the many stitches, if it is located in an area that moves frequently, will be more difficult to heal. For example injuries to the knee or elbow, because it always plays a role in movement, then the wound in the area will be constantly open then dry and then open again. If your injury to the inner ankle, of course the movement is not as much as the knee, then the possibility of recovery is also faster.

We don't know what your wound condition is like. Consult a doctor directly. The doctor will assess, if the wound is considered small and shallow, then it might not be a problem if you walk a lot. Of course you must pay attention, to what extent you can walk without causing pain and sores that are wet or open again.

In addition, the important thing is to keep the wound clean. Dirty wounds will heal longer. Clean the wound with clean gauze moistened with boiled water, at least 2x a day. Then apply antiseptic fluid and ointment when prescribed by a doctor. Then cover again with clean gauze. Closing the wound does not need to be too tight, as long as the wound is not exposed to dirt. Don't forget to check with the doctor so the stitches can be removed.

Hopefully this answer can help. Regards.

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