The Duration Of Treatment And Healing Of Genital Warts?

Illustration of The Duration Of Treatment And Healing Of Genital Warts?
Illustration: The Duration Of Treatment And Healing Of Genital Warts?

Hi, I want to ask what is the difference between Pearly Penile Papules and genital warts? How long does the PPP disease go away on its own?

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PPP (pearly penile papule, hirsutoid papilloma) is clearly different from genital warts. PPP often appears as a small nodule (1-4 mm diameter) of the same color as other skin, which is harmless, and also rarely causes annoying complaints. This PPP is experienced by 8-43% of men, especially those who are not circumcised. The exact cause of the onset of PPP is not yet clearly known. However, a literature states that this condition occurs related to the rest of development during a normal fetus, and does not need special treatment.

In many cases, PPP can shrink by itself in varying time. However, not infrequently, PPP persists for a long time. In this condition, if its presence is felt to be very disturbing, several treatments can be done, such as by the use of carbon dioxide laser, frozen surgery, or excision surgery. This treatment can be undertaken by consulting directly to a doctor or specialist skin and genitals.

Genital warts are a type of sexually transmitted infection whose cause is the HPV virus (Human Papillomavirus). This virus can be transmitted through direct or indirect contact with other genital warts. Poor immune system can make it easier for you to contract this disease. Genital warts often appear as gray-colored lumps or similar to skin color, with a rough, soft surface, irregular shape, and often combine into 1 into a large mass resembling cauliflower. Genital warts must be treated properly so as not to spread to other skin areas, as well as to other people who come in contact with sufferers.

In addition to PPH and genital warts, there are many more conditions that can cause almost similar clinical symptoms, for example molluscum contagiosum, folliculitis, scabies, hyperkeratosis, tinea cruris, cutaneous candidiasis, benign or malignant tumors, and so on. Because the symptoms are very similar, treatment is only appropriate if the diagnosis has been established correctly by the expert, the doctor.

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