The Ear Aches And Feels Full Like Entering Water

Illustration of The Ear Aches And Feels Full Like Entering Water
Illustration: The Ear Aches And Feels Full Like Entering Water

Good evening Doctor, greetings to all of us. I want to tell you a little while asking the doctor, one night I cleaned my ears with a cotton bud as usual right and left ear, when I cleaned and scraped the dirt in my left ear suddenly there were spots the blood on the cotton bud, the blood does not flush just blots on the cotton bud. After that my ear pain was touched even into the earlobe it hurt, I did not experience dizziness or buzzing ears at that time, I just let it hurt a little I hold myself. Then the next morning when I wake up I was shocked I felt my left ear can not hear anything, it feels full of tears in my ears once the doctor, the pain of his nyutnya getting worse and hearing was interrupted. What is the solution doctor? Can it be treated only with ear drops? Please answer Doctor. Thank you for your time. A kind doctor. Greetings healthy

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Hi Meiva,

The onset of pain and fullness in the ear such as intruding water can be caused by the following things:

Otitis external or inflammation of the external ear, this is often triggered by physical trauma such as scraping the ears

Serumen prop or blockage of dirt in the ear canal, this can trigger foreign objects left in the ear canal
Cut or wound on the eardrum
Inflammation of the middle ear (otitis media)

A direct physical examination is needed to ascertain the cause of your complaint, so you should check with your doctor first if your complaint is permanent or aggravating.

The doctor will ask for a history of your complaints, do a physical examination with an otoscope (ear binoculars). Generally doctors only need a physical examination to diagnose your condition. If the complaint is caused by inflammation of the external ear canal, the doctor can prescribe appropriate antibiotic drops, painkillers taking NSAIDs and anti-inflammatory corticosteroids when needed.

If the complaint is caused by inflammation of the ear canal, your doctor can prescribe antibiotics such as cefixime or amoxicillin clavulanate and symptomatic drugs (as symptoms) to treat your complaint. If the complaint is caused by an injury to the eardrum, the doctor will evaluate how severe the disturbance is. If there is a tear in the eardrum, the doctor may recommend a surgical procedure (tympanoplasty) if deemed necessary.

The following recommendations for you:

Ear canal has its own mechanism to maintain cleanliness, do not pry or insert any object into the ear canal
You can take over-the-counter painkillers such as paracetamol to help resolve your complaint, use the medication as recommended and consult a doctor immediately if the complaint persists

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