The Ear Aches With Hearing Loss After Being Punctured?

Illustration of The Ear Aches With Hearing Loss After Being Punctured?
Illustration: The Ear Aches With Hearing Loss After Being Punctured?

Hello doctor, good night, my ear was pierced by a soft object until now my next ear feels lacking hearing, if I enter the water it feels sore until now

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Otitis externa is an inflammation of the external ear, which can be caused by bacterial, viral, and fungal infections, and also often results from physical / mechanical trauma, such as frequent scratching of the ear (especially with sharp objects, such as toothpicks or safety pins), accidentally stabbed or bumped, etc. Symptoms that can appear are pain in the ear, ringing, hearing loss, and sensitivity to touch or noise.

These symptoms can generally improve by themselves within a few days to weeks, if no further injury occurs (due to scraped, etc.). However, in some cases, if the wound is quite heavy, or accompanied by infection, forming pus, etc., certain treatments are needed to help the healing process. Therefore, some things you can do right now at home include:

Try not to put any objects in your ear canal in a few, so the healing process can go well. If it feels itchy, move the earlobe slowly without injuring further.
If the pain you feel is very annoying, you can take anti-pain medication that is sold freely at the pharmacy, according to the rules of use listed on the package
If your symptoms do not improve, or even worsen after a few days, do not hesitate to consult a general practitioner or ENT specialist doctor for a more complete examination and appropriate treatment.

The danger signs that you need to be aware of are if blood comes out of your ear or smelling liquid, fever (body temperature above 37.2 Celsius) for more than 3 days, tension in the neck, and pain that does not improve with pain medications. In this situation, check immediately to the nearest health facility.

Thus, hopefully can help you.

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