The Ear Feels One-sided After Recovering From A High Fever?

Illustration of The Ear Feels One-sided After Recovering From A High Fever?
Illustration: The Ear Feels One-sided After Recovering From A High Fever?

Hello … recently I was typhoid fever treated for 13 days in the hospital that I asked .. is there any influence of high fever with hearing? The problem is my right ear buds like there is water in the inner ear after returning from the hospital and it makes me stressed out .. I already treated 3 times to tht the doctor said strep throat then was given the drug brand sanmol, okuson then the syrup was dry cefila but the medicine there is no change … what should I do again so that my ears heal … thanks

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Hi Dedy,

Thank you for asking

Typhoid fever occurs due to digestive infections by Salmonella typhi bacteria. This disease should not have a direct effect on the disorders in your ears.

Ears that feel decreased hearing can be caused by many factors, including namely:

Accumulation of earwax Inflammation of the external ear (otitis externa) or middle (otitis media) --- otitis media often occurs due to the spread of inflammation of the throat Ear entry by a foreign object Tearing of the eardrum Exposure to excessive noise exposure Aging Nerve disorders around the ear and head Side effects ototoxic drugs --- including one of several antibiotics that are prescribed in typhoid fever sufferers, etc. Need to be clarified, is your left ear completely unharmed? Are there other complaints that you feel, for example, buzzing ears, pain, swelling, abnormal discharge, swallowing pain, coughing, runny nose, and so on?

Depending on the cause, your condition may be mild and temporary, but it can also be permanent. To be sure, it would not hurt you to check yourself back to the ENT specialist doctor so that a more in-depth evaluation is carried out, for example through otoscopy, audiometry, and so on. That way, the doctor can certainly give you the best treatment.

At this time, you should not consume or drip drugs on your ear without doctor's advice. Avoid exposure to excessive noise. Avoid poking excessive ears with a cotton bud or any tool. Always keep your ears dry and don't get in foreign objects. Do not forget, multiply rest.

Hope this helps ...

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