The Ear Near The Neck Hurts?

Illustration of The Ear Near The Neck Hurts?
Illustration: The Ear Near The Neck Hurts?

, my ears hurt a bit near the neck, what should I do.

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Pain that appears in the ear area near the neck can occur due to interference with the ear, neck, or even other organs. This pain often does not appear alone, but is also accompanied by other complaints, such as swelling, lumps, abnormal discharge from the ear, hearing loss, neck stiffness, or others. Are there any other complaints that you are experiencing right now?

The following is a brief description of some conditions that can cause pain in the ear approaching the neck:

Inflammation of the external ear (otitis external) or middle (otitis media) Accumulation of earwax (impregnated cerumen) Tinnitus (buzzing ears) Lymphadenitis (inflammation of lymph nodes) near the ear Parotitis (inflammation of the parotid gland, mumps) Mastoiditis (mastoid inflammation) Tinnitus (buzzing ears) (muscle aches) neck nerve pinching Migraines (throbbing headaches due to neurovascular disorders in the brain) Skin infections around the ear, for example due to boils, zits, shingles, etc. If the pain that appears is very great, does not improve with the consumption of relievers ordinary pain, or appear accompanied by other complaints that are quite severe as mentioned above, you should not let the complaint occur protracted. Check with yourself directly to the doctor or ENT specialist doctor to be examined more deeply and know what handling should be done. If necessary, the doctor can also perform additional examinations, such as x-rays, ultrasound, CT scans, laboratory tests, or others.

In order for the pain to subside, here are suggestions you can take:

Take pain relievers first (for example, paracetamol) Do not massage or massage the area of ​​pain Compress the area of ​​pain with a warm compress Keep personal hygiene, especially around the area of ​​pain, to minimize the risk of infection More rest Do not pry over the ears your ears are always dry Eat and drink healthy and nutritious Hope it helps yes ..

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