The Ear Still Feels Clogged After The Ear Irrigation Action?

Illustration of The Ear Still Feels Clogged After The Ear Irrigation Action?
Illustration: The Ear Still Feels Clogged After The Ear Irrigation Action?

Greetings doctor, I want to ask, 3 weeks ago I washed my ears … due to hard earwax ,, Alhamdulilah, I have heard, but why does it still feel open, closed like a block? If it evaporates, it will open?

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Hello Izzatul,

Where do you wash your ears? Does this mean that the doctor irrigates the ears to remove ear wax / cerumen / ear wax, or do you clean the ears yourself? Complaints of the ear feels full or blocked can be caused by ear plugging. Sometimes when a person cleans his own earwax, earwax may even go deep into the ear canal and plug the ear canal. This blockage is what causes the feeling of being full and closed in the ear. To overcome this, we need extraction of serumen by doctors with special equipment or by ear irrigation.

But in addition to ear plugging, ear complaints can be blocked can also be caused by several other conditions such as:

Foreign objects in the ear, including a history of fluid intake
After boarding or diving
Infection and inflammation of the ear, for example otitis and disorders of the eardrum
Other problems: for example cold and sinusitis

For the time being you can try some of the following tips first:

Avoid picking your own ears
Keep your ears from getting fluids, don't swim yet
Yawn and swallow
Keep the head upright
Chew gum
Make a exhalation but close your nose and mouth
Avoid exposure to loud and loud noises and avoid using earphones or headsets

If with the tips above complaints of ear plugging does not immediately improve, or before you have a history of cleaning your own ears, I suggest that you consult a ENT doctor directly so that you can do an examination to see the condition of your ear canal, ENT doctors will generally also see the condition your nose and throat to make sure the cause of the complaint in the ear is related to the nose and throat or not. Furthermore, the doctor will be able to provide more optimal treatment for you in accordance with the results of the examination. If there is a blockage of earwax, the doctor will clean the earwax first and then provide other medicines that are needed.

Hope it helps you,

Thank you

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