The Ears Are Swollen And Red After Being Bitten By A Bee?

Illustration of The Ears Are Swollen And Red After Being Bitten By A Bee?
Illustration: The Ears Are Swollen And Red After Being Bitten By A Bee?

Hello morning, I want to ask, this morning I was bitten by a bee, my ear continued to hurt, like that, I compressed it with an ice cube but it still hurt, red, but not too swollen, please give me an explanation

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Hello Andre Thank you for asking

Insect bites or stings are common and can cause mild symptoms on the stinging skin and can occur within days to weeks. However, in some cases insect bites can also be dangerous because they can cause allergic reactions that are dangerous to life threatening.

But don't worry too much, most bee stings or bites are usually not severe. In most people, bee stings will cause mild symptoms, but they can be annoying. Symptoms that may appear are pain or stinging, swelling, redness, warmth when touched, itching, without serious complications. But the condition will be serious if you have a history of allergies to bees, or you get a lot of stings on more, it can endanger your condition, or can be said to be a threatening condition.

When a bee stings and bites a human, it usually leaves a venom that causes pain in the bite area, and in some people who are allergic to this poison it can cause an allergic reaction. Mild allergic reactions that appear such as redness and swelling of the tooth area.

If you experience symptoms of a mild reaction which is characterized by:

Small bumps in the bite area
Redness in the bite area
Pain in the bite area

If what happens to you is a mild reaction with these signs, it usually doesn't require specific treatment, you only need to pay attention to the treatment of the bite marks, here are the help you can do at home:

Immediately remove the bee sting from the skin using tweezers or nails. Avoid squeezing it so that the poison does not spread or further enter the body.
Wash and clean the sting
Apply cold compresses to the area to relieve pain. Compress for 20 minutes, and done every hour. You can wrap the ice in a towel or cloth, avoiding direct contact of the ice with the skin. If it still bothers you, you can reduce pain with pain medication such as paracetamol or ibuprofen.
Avoid scratching at the bite
If itching use anti blackin to reduce itching and swelling

Whereas in moderate reactions, the symptoms that appear, such as swelling that continues to get bigger at the bite area for about two days and the sting marks will be bright red. Symptoms that appear in moderate reactions can last for 5-10 days after the sting. and First aid for moderate reactions is the same principle as for mild reactions.

In some people, symptoms of a severe allergic reaction, for example, will develop symptoms such as:

Red or pale skin
Severe itching
Lips swell
Shortness of breath, breathing silits
Dizziness or a feeling of fainting
Chest pounding
The pulse becomes fast but weak

If you are allergic to bee stings and a reaction that is quite severe is indicated by the above symptoms, immediately consult a doctor or emergency room at the nearest hospital for further treatment.

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