The Ears Buzzing Feels Clogged After The Water Enters?

Illustration of The Ears Buzzing Feels Clogged After The Water Enters?
Illustration: The Ears Buzzing Feels Clogged After The Water Enters? r nLast week I washed my hair and put water in my left ear, but instead I dug it with a cottenbud and it got deeper and my ears were buzzing. I think it’s not water but earwax that goes into my right ear because when I clean a lot of dirt. Then I dropped water into my left ear and it didn’t affect it, it came out again. What should I do so that the dirt in my ears comes out and doesn’t buzz anymore?

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Entering water into the ear can make the ear become moist. This condition can make it easier for disease-causing microorganisms (especially fungi and bacteria) to reproduce fertile, as a result, your ears are very susceptible to infection. The habit of scratching the ears excessively using cotton buds can actually trigger inflammation in the ear canal to get worse and the dirt is pushed inside. Infection, inflammation (otitis externa), and accumulation of wax in the ear canal are likely what causes your ears to ring. In the medical realm, this hum in the ears can be referred to as tinnitus.

Not only that, tinnitus can also arise from other triggers, such as head or neck injuries, exposure to continuous noise, otosclerosis, Meniere's disease, acoustic neuroma, hypertension, and so on.

You should first check your complaint with an ENT specialist. If it is true that your tinnitus is purely triggered by a buildup of earwax, infection, and inflammation of the outer ear canal, the doctor can perform earwax extraction using fluids and special tools. Furthermore, doctors can also prescribe some drugs to help minimize inflammation as well as eradicate the microorganisms that cause the infection. The doctor will further evaluate whether your condition is so severe that it causes damage to the eardrum, or not.

As a first step:

Stop the habit of scratching your ears or putting water in your ears Always dry your ears well after a shower (just clean them with a clean towel, don't need to touch them) Sleep on your side of the ear that is buzzing If you experience pain, you can take medicine first. paracetamol Avoid using hands free to listen to music or other sounds. Hope this helps.

dr. Nadia Nurotul Fuadah

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