The Ears Of A 4 Year Old Child Discharge White Discharge?

Illustration of The Ears Of A 4 Year Old Child Discharge White Discharge?
Illustration: The Ears Of A 4 Year Old Child Discharge White Discharge?

In the afternoon I want to have a child, umr 4thn … yesterday he complained about his ear because his right hurts if he holds it tw d it’s clean, using a towel, mndi, I saw that my ears were dirty then I was clean, why when I used it and I saw it in my ear The dirt is as big as cotton wool, and still it is still a bit of water and the dirt comes out, I gouge it out, and the color comes out white like cotton wool but soft but not so bad … that’s why the ankle ears are still white like liquid. but no brbau .. Let me ask the consul to the doctor, we are inflamed .. How can this be because the network is still good, why is it painful .. ?? Ap nothing ..

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Hello, Cutyee Ana, thank you for asking

White discharge in the ears can be caused by several possible causes:

1. Cerumen prop, or accumulation of earwax in the ear canal

2. A foreign object in the ear, for example a cotton swab left in the ear canal

3. Inflammation of the middle ear (Otitis media). This condition is often triggered by an infection of the respiratory tract (eg cough / cold).

4.Fungal infection of the ear (otomycosis)

If the doctor who examined said that there was inflammation in the ear, then several things could trigger the inflammation, for example because there was a history of respiratory tract infections, a history of injury to the ear canal (for example due to inserting a device that could injure the ear), frequent ear moisture, ear hygiene not awake, or the habit of picking your ears.

To clean the ears, it should be done by a doctor with the right ear cleaning tools. Because, cleaning the ears in an improper way can cause the wax to push deeper and increase the chance of earwax buildup. The buildup of earwax can lead to inflammation and blockage of the ear canal.

Take medication from the doctor regularly and do not stop medication without the doctor's knowledge. Try to keep your ears dry and clean. Check the condition of your child according to the doctor's recommendation, or consult if there are complaints such as discharge / blood from the ears, ear itching, pain, ringing, or hearing loss.

That's all, hopefully it's useful.


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