The Ears Often Discharge?

Illustration of The Ears Often Discharge?
Illustration: The Ears Often Discharge?

Want to ask the doctor … My left ear was since I was 9 years old until now it still releases fluid … even though I already did. The operation said the doctor got a benign tumor … From the operation until now it still drains fluid but it doesn’t hurt, what’s the solution?

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Hi Ariesta,

Thank you for asking

Need to be clarified, exactly what kind of benign tumor you are experiencing?

One type of benign tumor that appears in the ear is cholesteatoma. Cholesteatoma itself is a cyst, which is a sac filled with fluid, which is formed from cells lining the inside of the ear. Frequently, cholesteatoma grows in the middle or inner ear. Cholesteatoma is not malignant. However, if not treated properly, cholesteatoma can make you more prone to experiencing tinnitus (buzzing ears), vertigo (dizziness spinning around), ear infections, ear pain, hearing loss, abnormal discharge from the ear (lots and smells), to weakness on most sides of the face. Cholesteatoma can be formed due to various factors, including infection or injury to the ear, disorders of the Eustachian tube, or also due to abnormalities since birth. Cholesteatoma cannot be treated, but it can be removed surgically so that dangerous complications can be prevented.

Fluid out of the ear that you experience can occur related to cholesteatoma or surgery that you have had before, or not. After surgery, it is not impossible that cholesteatomas recur and cause inflamed ears (otitis media or otitis externa). Postoperatively, it is not uncommon for sufferers to experience infections that cause the ears to produce lots of fluid and smell bad. In addition, your complaint can also occur due to the spread of infection in the respiratory tract to the ear, eardrum tears, and so on.

Without checking your condition directly, it is certainly not our authority to determine the diagnosis and treatment that is right for you. Better, you check yourself back to the doctor or ENT specialist, right? Depending on the cause, your condition may later be treated with medication, earwax extraction, re-surgery, and so on.

For now, you can first clean the liquid coming out of your ear with clean gauze. Avoid carelessly inserting any object, let alone prying ears with any substance. Always keep your ears clean and dry, don't swim or dive before they are declared safe by your doctor.

Hope this helps ...

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