The Ears Often Hurt, Causing Headaches?

Illustration of The Ears Often Hurt, Causing Headaches?
Illustration: The Ears Often Hurt, Causing Headaches?

, I recently went to the ENT for a hearing test. But the doctor said that my ears were dirty and very hard, I was advised to use ear drops. I used it for 2 days and went back to the doctor, then it was cleaned and could be tested. But the problem was the day after that, when I traveled outside the city, in the morning my left ear, which was dirty before, now hurts a lot. Even down and around the ear area, even when touched the ear lobe hurts. Moreover, it hurts more to chew and yawn. When it’s quiet, sometimes it sounds “ngiiiiiiiiing” like that. The pain caused a headache and the ear could not be touched due to pain. It feels like “nyut nyut” like that. Is this an infection or something? I haven’t had the chance to go to ENT anymore because now I’m out of town. It hurts so much that I can’t sleep too, if I look at it it hurts too. Please explain first, the cause and for pain relief or what, this really hurts

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From the information you have conveyed, complaints of pain in the ear when touched or when chewing or moving your neck may be caused by inflammation of your ear canal. A previous history of the ear canal being covered with earwax can be a factor triggering this complaint. With hardened earwax and accumulating in the ear canal, ear ventilation will be disturbed, causing moisture to the ear walls which can eventually lead to inflammation.

This condition can also be accompanied by swelling of the ear canal, ear tenderness, swelling of the earlobe (if the inflammation extends), ringing in the ear, or finding fluid coming out of the ear.

Some of the conditions below can cause the same complaint, such as

1. the presence of infection in the outer ear

2. middle ear infection

3. The ear enters water, thus triggering an inflammatory process after the previous examination

4. trauma to the ear

5. being in a highland area, will trigger complaints of ear discomfort and ringing

Therefore, if you do not immediately consult this complaint to your general practitioner or ENT doctor, then this complaint will be even more annoying and cause disruption to your daily activities. Even if you are outside the city, visit the nearest doctor or hospital for examination and evaluation. The doctor will provide the necessary treatment, and when you return to your city, you can go to your ENT doctor.

For maintenance, avoid getting water in the ear, and avoid using headphones or earphones. You can give paracetamol to reduce pain complaints, until you see your doctor.

That is the information we can convey, read also earache.


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