The Ears Smell Bad And Appear Sores?

Illustration of The Ears Smell Bad And Appear Sores?
Illustration: The Ears Smell Bad And Appear Sores?

night I want to ask my child 3 years old these days my son’s ears smell bad and his ears crunched a few moments after he scratched and outside his external ears even small spots when scratching will be wounded and bleeding and now even my child’s eyes are snapping for help

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Inflammation of the external ear canal can be either comprehensive (diffuse) or partial (circumfluent). In diffuse inflammation, the ear canal is swollen, so that the ear canal looks narrow, red, and secretes fluid. Whereas in the circumflammation inflammation is obtained like ulcers in the outer ear canal due to inflammation of the hair follicles in the ear canal.

Other complaints include ear pain that varies from mild to severe, especially when the earlobe is touched and chewed, fullness in the ear, hearing can be reduced, there is a buzzing sound, complaints are usually experienced in one ear and very rarely affects both ears at the same time , fever or fever, or ears feel wet.

Risk Factors

1. History of frequent activities in water, such as swimming

2. History of trauma that precedes complaints, for example: cleaning the ear canal with certain tools, put a cotton bud put water into the ear.

The diagnosis is made by a doctor through the symptoms and physical examination. Treatment consists of cleansing the ear canal and antibiotic ointment. Oral antibiotics can be given if the infection is classified as severe.

Some suggestions that can be done so that the infection does not gain weight include:

1. Do not pry the ears either with a cotton bud or other tool.

2. During treatment the patient must not swim.

3. The disease can recur so it must keep the ear canal so that it is dry and not humid.

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