The Effect Of Breastfeeding Mothers On Consuming Probiotics When Babies Suffer From Atopic Dermatitis?

Illustration of The Effect Of Breastfeeding Mothers On Consuming Probiotics When Babies Suffer From Atopic Dermatitis?
Illustration: The Effect Of Breastfeeding Mothers On Consuming Probiotics When Babies Suffer From Atopic Dermatitis?

I am a breastfeeding mother, my baby’s dilemma is exposed to atopic dermatitis … I have already taken DSA … there are several foods that have to be challenged, one of which is beans, do I know tempe, because the DSA is not permissible, while I browse it must be filled with probiotics, for example. tempe ,, and can’t drink yougert pair yougert for probiotics, i’m so confused ,, thanks

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Hello Fauziah, thank you for asking.

Atopic dermatitis is a dry, cracked, red, and itchy skin condition, and can be accompanied by blisters on the scratched area. This condition is a chronic and recurring condition. This condition generally occurs in children, but it is also possible that adults can be affected. The location of the affected skin is usually on skin that has many folds such as the hands, feet, the inside of the elbows and knees, and the face and head. The exact cause is not yet known, but in general babies affected by atopic dermatitis have a family history of also suffering from atopy such as asthma, or allergic to certain substances.

This is why some doctors recommend avoiding ingredients that are suspected to cause allergies in infants. These ingredients include cow's milk, seafood, eggs or nuts. It should be noted that until now there has been no research that can conclude with certainty the effect of dietary restrictions on mothers on the quality of mother's milk. A study in Korea stated that they could not find a direct correlation between abstinence from eating to the mother and the effects on the baby. The researchers found no difference in the quality of breast milk in mothers who did abstinence and those who did not. Guidelines from the United States CDC also do not recommend limiting mother's food, except perhaps caffeine, alcohol, and seafood that contain mercury.

However, several other articles do mention that mothers should abstain so that the child's condition improves. Actually there is nothing wrong with abstinence, because abstinence can improve digestive conditions and maternal immunity. This will eventually increase milk production. If your doctor recommends abstaining from nuts, then that includes tempeh, tofu, and other bean products. You can try yogurt, kefir, or cheese as a source of probiotics. Mothers can also try probiotic supplements when in doubt about consuming cow products. Some international studies have indeed found that probiotics can be found in breast milk. This probiotic will be able to help the growth of normal bacteria in the baby's digestion and improve digestive conditions. The hope is that with the improvement of normal bacteria in the intestine, the baby's allergic reaction to certain foods or proteins will improve.

Please consult with your child's specialist doctor, discuss your desire to take probiotics. If the doctor considers that there is no problem, then the mother has the right to start taking probiotics.

Hopefully this information helps a little. Regards.

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