The Effect Of Disinfectants On Health And Prevention Of Corona?

Good afternoon doc, at this time because of the very rapid spread of Covid 19, a lot was done by the surrounding authorities to protect the region, one of which was by spraying disinfectants. I want to ask the doc about the influence of disinfectants on health and prevention of covid 19, what are they? please explain the doc thank you,

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Hello Zahra,

Thank you for the question.

Disinfectants are made of liquids that can clean dead matter from dirt as well as harmful microorganisms. With this disinfectant application, transmission of disease to humans indirectly can be minimized. Because, as is well known, COVID-19 can be transmitted through droplets (airway mucus splashes). This droplet can not only enter the body when you are close to people with COVID-19. However, this droplet can also be attached to inanimate objects around the sufferer, such as door handles, eating and drinking utensils, elevator buttons, mobile phones, remotes, windows, etc., which are contaminated with droplets.

It's just that many mistakes are made today. Including one of them, by spraying disinfectant to humans. This seems to need to be straightened out. Because, when in contact with the human body, disinfectants can trigger irritation of the skin and mucous membranes. Some studies even mention that the combination of disinfectants attached to the skin with exposure to ultraviolet light can be at high risk of triggering the formation of skin cancer cells. Not only that, if the disinfectant is inhaled into the airways or ingested into the digestive tract, the side effects can be more dangerous, such as can trigger coughing, tightness, nausea, vomiting, stomach cramps, diarrhea, and many other health problems.

Therefore, use everything in its place, yes. If you want to use disinfectants, then you can simply spray on dead objects that are vulnerable to droplet contamination. Meanwhile, if you want to cleanse the body of the virus, what can be done is:

Be diligent in bathing and washing your hands with soap (not necessarily antiseptic soap) and clean running water
Use clothes that are also clean and washed periodically
Use a hand sanitizer if soap and clean water sources are not available near you
Do not leave the house unless urgent
Do not carelessly hold public facilities
Keep your distance from other people, especially if someone coughs, sneezes, or speaks loudly
Don't travel to a crowd

Hope this helps ...

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