The Effect Of Eating Fried Foods Is Continued With Ice?

Illustration of The Effect Of Eating Fried Foods Is Continued With Ice?
Illustration: The Effect Of Eating Fried Foods Is Continued With Ice?

Hello, I just recently watched a broadcast on one of the national televisions that explained the dangers of eating fried foods containing oil and then drinking ice water which can thicken the viscosity of the blood in our bodies, even demonstrating by pouring oil into a glass filled with water The ice is then stirred using a spoon, and for some time the oil in a glass of ice water thickens over time. Is something like that really dangerous for the body? Because several times I read health / medical journals stating that they were not true because when it enters the body all food / drinks whether hot or cold will adjust to the temperature conditions in the body, if it turns out they will indeed be proven wrong, then the information given at the television station can mislead the public, please clarify it, tks

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Hello Rahma,

Thank you for asking

Viscosity (thickness) of blood is a complex. This is mainly regulated by the balance of clotting and non-clotting factors in the blood. As for several conditions that can affect this include:

Genetic, race, age
Lifestyle; Exercise, consumption of antioxidant-rich foods, and adequate rest are known to be able to balance clotting and non-clotting factors in the blood. Conversely, blood will clot more easily if you are lazy to exercise, sit too much, consume trans fatty foods, saturated fat, and excessive cholesterol, as well as smoking.
Drug side effects; Some drugs are known to increase the risk of blood clots (such as anti-bleeding). Conversely, there are also drugs that make it difficult to clot blood (for example, anti-coagulant, NSAIDs).
General health conditions, which are related to the illness, for example hemophilia, autoimmune disorders, leukemia, liver disorders, vitamin K deficiency, and so on

Right you say, food temperature does not directly affect the viscosity of blood in the body. Because, after eating, food will be digested first in the digestive tract before finally the juice is absorbed into the blood. So, after reaching the blood, the temperature of the food will melt with body temperature, not then survive the cold or heat to affect the thickness of the blood. In general, the temperature of food or drinks we consume does not significantly influence its nature in the body. However, if you do have a cold allergy, the consumption of cold-temperature foods or drinks should be limited so as not to trigger allergic symptoms, such as coughing, runny nose, itching, bumps, tightness, nausea, vomiting, and so on. Symptoms of allergies in the airways due to consuming cold food or drinks are often also heavy if you consume oily foods.

Not only that, the consumption of oily foods should also be limited so as not to overdo it. Therefore, excess oil content in food can accumulate and induce the occurrence of metabolic disorders, such as dyslipidemia. In the long run, this dyslipidemia can also increase your risk of experiencing various diseases, including heart attack, stroke, diabetes, hypertension, and so on. Even if you want to consume oily foods, you should consume only reasonable amounts, and make sure the oil contains cholesterol, trans fats, and low saturated fats (such as olive oil). Also make sure you only use the oil once, don't use it repeatedly to minimize the adverse effects on the body. Do not forget, also balance the consumption of oily foods with the consumption of a variety of other balanced nutritious foods, especially fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. Regularly also exercise, do not be too quiet, always live a healthy lifestyle, also avoid smoking and alcohol to avoid the various risks of disease as mentioned above.

That's all our explanation. Complete, do not hesitate to consult directly with the doctor or the nearest nutritionist.

I hope this helps.

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