The Effect Of Heart Disease With The Results Of Medical Check-ups?

Illustration of The Effect Of Heart Disease With The Results Of Medical Check-ups?
Illustration: The Effect Of Heart Disease With The Results Of Medical Check-ups?

Good evening, yesterday I underwent a medical check-up for a health test from one of the companies, I want to ask, when filling in my family history I answered that my father had heart disease and it happened after an accident and at that time I was born. Can this affect my MCU results? Besides, what are the most fatal criteria for MCU outcome? thank you

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Hello Deva,

Medical check-ups are a series of health examination procedures which usually include a general physical examination which can be followed by supporting examinations such as X-rays, blood laboratories, urine analysis, color blindness tests, and so on.

The results of the MCU are usually reviewed by the doctor and the results are given to the patient (if the patient requests for the MCU himself) or to the institution (if the MCU is requested directly from the office / institution). Each company usually already has certain considerations regarding the health criteria for its prospective employees. The MCU results provided by the doctor will be re-filtered by a team from the company.

One of the things that affects also is the position in which you apply. Usually active infectious diseases are avoided in prospective employees. Diseases such as active tuberculosis, hepatitis, leprosy, etc. usually have to be treated first because they are easily transmitted in a crowded work environment. Hearing and visual impairment will be a consideration, in noise level jobs and a lot of need for vision, of course, healthy people are needed. This is also usually related to employee demands at a later date, so that the company also has an initial inspection basis to be evaluated after a long period of work. Family history usually doesn't really matter, as long as the results of your physical examination and your current support are healthy.

However, again, the results of the MCU are only for consideration by the company. Your acceptance or not is also influenced by the results of other tests.

That's the explanation from me, hopefully it's useful.

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