The Effect Of Hernia On Pain During Intercourse?

Illustration of The Effect Of Hernia On Pain During Intercourse?
Illustration: The Effect Of Hernia On Pain During Intercourse?

. If you go down Bero, what is the medical language? So how do you treat it ?? If the traditional method, it must be sorted. The problem is that my waist / hip hurts the same in the lower abdomen as the groin and the buttocks, too, when I hit it, it feels really bad. So if you have a relationship, it hurts too much. Please explain.

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Going down a bug is also called a hernia, which is a lump or protrusion from the body organs that enters the body tissue that is cleaved. Hernias can occur in the upper abdomen, navel, thighs and groin. In men, hernias can occur in the pouch of the testicle.

Hernias in women often occur in the thigh (femoral hernia) and groin (ingunal hernia). There are protrusions in the hernia that can still go in and out and cause no other symptoms (reponibel), and some are irreversible (ireponibel). A dangerous condition when the protrusion is pinched by the tissue gap / ring and causes other symptoms such as pain, nausea to vomiting. This must be handled as soon as possible.

Some of the factors that cause hernias are congenital disorders, aging, chronic coughs and injuries. Apart from that, other factors that often cause hernias include a history of pregnancy, straining during constipation which often occurs, heavy lifting and obesity. Pain and discomfort are often felt around the site of the hernia

Appropriate management of hernia sufferers is operative action by closing the ring so that there is no recurring protrusion. However, the following things can be done to help reduce pain and prevent the severity of the hernia, namely:

Doing a healthy lifestyle Maintain an ideal body weight Consume lots of fiber to avoid constipation / constipation Avoiding lifting heavy weights Related to your complaint, you should check with your nearest doctor. Because the diagnosis of descending obstruction / hernia must be based on direct clinical examination to find abnormalities that occur. The symptoms you experience may not necessarily be true because of falling bero / hernia. Some of the diseases below also have similar symptoms, including:

Uterine prolapse, namely the decline in the uterus due to weak muscles around the pelvis Endometrosis, is a condition of inflammation of the uterine wall Lymphadenopathy due to enlarged lymph nodes around the pelvis Lymphadenitis occurs when the lymph glands around the pelvis are inflamed. This is my information, hope it helps

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