The Effect Of Smoking On General Anesthesia?

Hello, I want to ask, r nWhy before general anesthesia, surely we will be asked first whether to smoke or not? R nSo I will be under general anesthesia in a few days, the doctor asked me if I smoke? I answered no to the doctor who asked. r n Even though I am a smoker. r nSo what are the consequences of smoking before general anesthesia? r nThank you

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From the information that you convey, when you get medical examination and treatment, you should be able to convey information related to your medical history. Failure to provide accurate health information will have different implications for treatment and treatment plans with different implications.

Likewise in patients with a history of smoking who will undergo surgery or anesthesia. In smoking patients, respiratory function, heart, blood vessels and physical recovery were different compared to non-smoking patients.

So, when the patient is sedated, the doctor in charge must maintain the function of your breath and your heart, so that if complications occur during the anesthesia, the doctor can prepare for treatment. If the patient smokes, how much lung capacity needs to be maintained during anesthesia, how much oxygen is needed during recovery, and the possibility of the anesthetic interacting with toxic substances from cigarettes used before. Therefore, patients are expected to quit smoking about 8 weeks before action, but tolerance is given about 24 hours before anesthesia.

Thus, discuss it again with the doctor who treated you, and convey all information related to your health.

That's the information we can convey, read also cigarettes and anesthesia.

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