The Effect Of Stress On Baldness?

Illustration of The Effect Of Stress On Baldness?
Illustration: The Effect Of Stress On Baldness?

want to ask baldness accompanied by pressure, what disease is it usually half bald, thank you in advance

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Good afternoon, thank you for asking at Baldness, or what is called alopecia in medical language, is a condition where there is hair loss on the scalp or other parts of the body. Previously, it should also be noted that the hair on the human head is still considered normal if up to 100 hairs are shed every day.

Among the causes of baldness that can occur are:

Immune system disorders Syphilis disease Hormone imbalance Stress Scalp fungal infection Liver disease Lack of nutrition Side effects of drugs

Regarding your question, it is necessary to reconfirm what exactly you mean by pressure. Does the pressure mean mental stress or mental stress, or pressure in the form of a depressed or uneven bald patch. This is important because the two things can lead to different conditions. Baldness in men has a certain pattern which when caused by stress, can appear half bald, and baldness that looks like a part of it is depressed or can be said to be patches, could be a sign of syphilis, in addition to the other possibilities that we mentioned above.

Therefore, to avoid misunderstanding, our advice will be much better if you have your condition checked by a dermatologist. Your doctor will do a history digging of any chemicals you've ever used in your head, since when this happened, family history, and possibly a history of sexual relations. After that your doctor will see it immediately, and may also perform investigations. The treatment you will receive later depends on the results of this examination.

Meanwhile, avoid stress, cigarette smoke, eat more foods that can nourish your hair such as green vegetables and fruit, don't use a hair dryer, don't dye your hair, don't use steroid drugs without a doctor's prescription, and avoid combing your hair when it's wet. So, hopefully it answers your question.

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