The Effectiveness Of Emergency Contraception When Consumed Less Than 3 Days

Illustration of The Effectiveness Of Emergency Contraception When Consumed Less Than 3 Days
Illustration: The Effectiveness Of Emergency Contraception When Consumed Less Than 3 Days

I have sex with my wife who is menstruating for 5 days, and ejaculation outside, can emergency family planning pills prevent pregnancy if consumed less than 3 days?

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before having sex during menstruation has a variety of benefits and risks, before you have to know that, and having intercourse during menstruation really reduces the likelihood of pregnancy let alone doing outside ejaculation. However, that does not mean pregnancy is not possible during sex during menstruation. depending on the menstrual cycle, where most women have menstrual cycles between 28-35 days, but there are also some women who have shorter menstrual cycles, for example only 22 days or less. When menstrual cycles are short, which is 22 days or less. Ovulation in women with short menstrual cycles can occur around the 7th day. This means that the egg can be released immediately after menstruation, especially if the menstruation lasts for 7 days. In cases like this, if you make love during menstruation without contraception, especially at the end of the menstrual period, there is the possibility of pregnancy. This is because sperm can live in the uterus for 5-6 days, and can fertilize the egg when ovulation occurs immediately after menstruation is complete. even if you ejaculate outside or have a broken hand it can cause pregnancy even though it is unlikely.

emergency birth control pills containing Levonorgestrel-shaped tablets ready for drinking. Levonorgestrel preparations are available in two types, namely 1 tablet and 2 tablets. If you buy one tablet, it is recommended to take it less than 72 hours or three days after sexual intercourse. If you buy two tablets, the first tablet should be taken immediately within the first 72 hours after sexual activity and the second tablet is consumed 12 hours after take the first tablet. so you can take this emergency family planning medicine in less than 3 days. Follow the instructions on the label of the contraceptive packaging properly. Consult a doctor if the information you get is unclear. If vomiting occurs less than two hours after consuming levonorgestrel, call your doctor immediately. You may need additional doses. After taking levonorgestrel, menstrual periods can arrive one week earlier or one week late than usual. However, if your period does not appear after one week, call your doctor immediately to determine whether you are pregnant or not.

Please note that emergency contraception is only used for emergencies, if a pregnancy has occurred, emergency contraception can strengthen the fetus in the womb. For this reason, the use of regular birth control such as pills, IUDs, implants or condoms is still recommended. Always be ready for emergency contraception to prevent unplanned pregnancy.

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