The Effectiveness Of Using Whitening Creams Without Side Effects?

Illustration of The Effectiveness Of Using Whitening Creams Without Side Effects?
Illustration: The Effectiveness Of Using Whitening Creams Without Side Effects?

Excuse me, Tum … I have never used a serum cream or skin care before … r nFor fear of the side effects. R n. I want to ask … There are some Serums that declare permanent white and don’t cause dependency … Well, is that possible or not? If you use Serum at the beginning, just make your skin bright and remove black spots after you remove Serum. Maybe skin doesn’t stay healthy? Thank you

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Hello Tum Tum Thank you for asking

The use of whitening creams for the skin really needs to be considered, because not all whitening creams that are larger in the market are safe for your skin, or can actually harm your health.

As stated by the Food and Drug Supervisory Agency (BPOM) has secured around 70000 dangerous and unlicensed cosmetic products, where the cosmetic content contains dangerous substances.

In principle, a person's skin has a color due to levels of melanin which gives color pigments to his skin, where the levels of elanin in the skin will be determined due to heredity and the level of exposure to sunlight. In this case melanin which makes the skin darker color has a function to protect from sunlight and skin adaptation to natural conditions in different places.

And in people with less melanin, the skin color will be whiter usually will be more at risk of getting diseases due to the dangers of sunlight or ultraviolet rays such as skin cancer.

Bleach products circulating in principle will make the production of melanin suppressed or reduced, which aims to make the skin whiter. In this case it can be said to make the skin white permanent but the thing to remember is because the reduced content of melanin will make your skin more sensitive and more susceptible to irritation and more susceptible to the danger of sun's ultraviolet sinatr. In the type of skin whitening products usually contain active ingredients that 'scrape' the skin. Actually whitening creams do not cause dependence, in fact excessive use will make the skin 'thinner' and easily irritated and more at risk of diseases due to UV rays, especially if it does not treat the skin properly.

What you need to consider when you want to use a whitening cream is about the cream content. Here are some active ingredients that can be contained in whitening creams that you need to know:

Mercury or mercury, Mercury is an active ingredient that has an impact on exfoliating the skin epidermis. In the long run, its use can cause kidney disorders, nerve disorders, psychological disorders, and impaired brain function in the fetus when pregnant women are used. This ingredient is not recommended for use because of its side effects. Hydroquinone, is a chemical that is usually used as a stabilizer for natural gas and vehicle fuel. In Indonesia, products with this content are also not permitted for use on the skin. Alpha Hydroxyl Acids (AHA), works to inhibit melanin production. Side effects in the form of skin become more sensitive to sunlight, therefore the use of sunscreen must be used before outdoor activities. Kojic Acid Arbutin, referred to as a natural source of hydroquinone obtained from bearberry leaves, cranberries, mulberry Vitamin C as an antioxidant to help brighten the skin. Therefore, before using whitening cream products, you must ensure the safety of these products. It would be better if you consult a dermatologist, so that the doctor can give you a medicine that is suitable for your skin.

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