The Effects Caused When Taking Pebbles During Pregnancy?

Illustration of The Effects Caused When Taking Pebbles During Pregnancy?
Illustration: The Effects Caused When Taking Pebbles During Pregnancy?

Is it true that pregnant women can’t eat pebbles?

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During pregnancy, pregnant women must pay more attention to their health, physical activity, take care of what they consume, and consume additional vitamins or supplements. All this is done solely to ensure the fetus can grow and develop properly and perfectly.

Pregnant women need to pay attention to the food consumed, because what food is eaten by the mother, the food content will also enter the body of the fetus. In the early trimester of pregnancy, the process of formation of organs in the fetus is happening quickly. Therefore, even before pregnancy occurs, women who want to plan a pregnancy must start 'saving' nutrients and vitamins for the fetus. As for the second and third trimesters, nutrition of pregnant women also still needs to be maintained to support fetal growth.

The following is a list of healthy food choices for pregnant women.

Some foods that need to be considered for consumption during pregnancy are foods that are less hygienic and risk of carrying germs that cause disease (eg raw meat or raw eggs, and vegetables that are not washed clean) and risk of containing 'poison' (eg mercury in marine fish that is polluted). Also read: Foods dangerous for pregnant women.

In addition to hygiene, pregnant women also need to pay attention to variations in food (better food variety) so that the needs of macronutrients (carbohydrates, proteins, fats) and micronutrients (minerals and vitamins) are all fulfilled.

To ban consumption of pebbles in pregnancy itself until now has not been proven by medical research. Kikil contains the same protein as meat and contains collagen which is said to be good for the skin as well as other antioxidants. But the fat and cholesterol content in pebbles is quite high. The fat contained is also a saturated fat that is not good for our health. So, not only for pregnant women, but for everyone, consumption of gravel should not be excessive.

Maintain your health during pregnancy by:

eat nutritious food (for example, high spinach folic acid to prevent defects in the nervous system of the fetus, vegetables and other fruits to meet the needs of vitamins, lean meat and nuts as a source of protein and iron, etc.).
drink at least 2.5 liters of water per day (equivalent to 12 cups)
keep doing physical activity regularly but adjust to the conditions and abilities of pregnant women. For example, mothers can do exercises for pregnant women, yoga, doing light household chores.
adequate rest (minimum 6-8 hours per day)
take supplements and vitamins according to doctor's orders, and check your womb according to schedule to the nearest obstetrician or health facility.

You can also read the following article:

- Nutritional needs of pregnant women that need to be met

- List of nutritious foods for pregnant women and their benefits

That's all, hopefully it's useful, and hopefully it's always healthy. Regards.

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