The Effects Of Shocks When Riding A Motorcycle In Pregnant Women?

Illustration of The Effects Of Shocks When Riding A Motorcycle In Pregnant Women?
Illustration: The Effects Of Shocks When Riding A Motorcycle In Pregnant Women?

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Many pregnant women worry about the effects of shocks when riding a motorcycle, especially if through the streets will be bad for pregnancy. Real shocks are also felt when we ride other vehicles such as cars. There are no medical studies that show that motorcycle shocks can injure the fetus in the womb. In the womb, the fetus is protected by the presence of amniotic fluid as well as from the abdominal and pelvic muscles.

But riding a motor vehicle with large shocks is as much as possible avoided if you experience the following conditions:

High risk of delivering premature babies
Doctors recommend for plenty of rest / bed rest
Placenta previa
Spinal disorders
The condition of the cervix (cervix) is weak

The risk when riding a motorbike is experiencing a traffic accident, such as a collision or slip. Protection when an accident occurs while driving in a car is relatively safer than with a motorcycle. Motor vehicle accidents can cause dangerous complications, such as a ruptured uterus or placenta detached from the uterine wall before the baby is born (abruptio placenta).

When entering the third trimester of pregnancy, it is advisable not to ride on a motorcycle. Because of weight gain and abdominal size due to pregnancy, pregnant women may find it difficult to ride a motorcycle, such as controlling motorbikes and balancing the body.

To be safe driving with a motorcycle while pregnant, you should consider the following things:

Use SNI standard helmets
Use a light-colored jacket to be easily seen by other motorists
Avoid driving after taking drugs that cause drowsiness or when the body is not healthy
Avoid damaged roads that can disturb your balance when driving.
Avoid driving in weather that is not conducive (heavy rain, foggy)

If you experience signs of danger such as severe abdominal pain or contractions that appear before the time of delivery and bleeding from the vagina, decreased fetal movement, you should immediately check the condition of your womb at a gynecologist. Thus the explanation from me, may be useful.

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