The Effects Of Vaginal Discharge During Pregnancy?

Illustration of The Effects Of Vaginal Discharge During Pregnancy?
Illustration: The Effects Of Vaginal Discharge During Pregnancy? Bing

Last night, thank you for the information from dojter on my previous question, I want to ask again, what are the impacts on my pregnancy that can arise due to this vaginal discharge? Then whether the semen after intercourse also affect the occurrence of vaginal discharge? Thank you in advance…

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Hi Risky,

Thanks for the question. As my colleague explained in your previous question, it is possible that this vaginal discharge could be caused by some kind of infection occurring in the vagina. If what you are experiencing is a fungal infection then in general this infection does not harm the pregnancy. But if your vaginal discharge is caused by another infection, it will have an impact on your pregnancy. Infections that occur in the vagina when a woman is pregnant can cause the following complications:

pelvic inflammation
premature birth
babies born with low weight

Sperm fluid alone can not cause vaginal discharge in you. But if your husband has a sexually transmitted infection, then sexual intercourse with your husband can certainly cause you to contract the infection.

Please do not delay your consultation with a specialist in obstetrics and gynecology. Your doctor needs to know more about your complaint. The doctor will also usually perform an examination of the cervix, examination of vaginal discharge, and ultrasound to assess the condition of your fetus. Subsequent treatment depends on the cause of your complaint.

Do the following suggestions, yes;

avoid having sex with your husband until you are treated by a doctor and recover
avoid wearing tight pants
Avoid using feminine hygiene, just clean the genital area with clean water
choose underwear that easily absorbs sweat
immediately change underwear that is saturated with whiteness

Also read the article: White discharge medicine for pregnant women

Hope this information is useful for you.

Dr. Aloisia

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