The Eye Is Red And The Legs Feel Weak After Taking Medication?

Illustration of The Eye Is Red And The Legs Feel Weak After Taking Medication?
Illustration: The Eye Is Red And The Legs Feel Weak After Taking Medication?

Good night .. Sorry I want to ask, a few days ago I had an eye sore, which in my eyes seemed to have something stuck in my eyes, until I tried to wash my eyes with liquid for my eyes, and tried eye drops, but I still hurt to blink. and sore .. My conclusion was that I was working at that time, I forced it to the point where I became ill to withstand eye pain .. The next day I was just a doctor .. Apparently, the doctor said my eyes were somewhat inflamed and reddened .. And finally I was given oral medication and drops … But after I take the medicine, how come my body is rather feverish and my legs (from knee to bottom) are weak .. I am a bit scared of feeling at this time .. I am not coughing, not having a cold or my temperature is not above 37 u0026deg; C. What do you think?

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Hi Ria,

Thank you for the question.

Your eyes that feel like lumps, stinging, reddened, and painful to the head are indeed likely to indicate your eyes are inflamed. These inflamed eye components can range from the outer (such as conjunctivitis, blepharitis) to the deeper (such as uveitis, keratitis, endophthalmitis, panophthalmitis). Other factors, such as foreign body entry, trichiasis, pterygium, glaucoma, asthenopia, migraine, cluster headache, and so on can also trigger complaints in the eye as you experience at this time.

Unfortunately, you do not explain exactly what medicine the doctor gave you so that it triggers chills and weakness. Therefore, it is difficult for us to predict the relationship between your current complaint and your consumption of the drug. It could be that, in addition to its medicinal effects, your complaints also arise due to other factors, such as viral or bacterial infections, psychological disorders, hormonal disorders, immune disorders, metabolic disorders, and so on.

Our advice, do not you panic. Indeed, currently there is an outbreak of Corona virus infection that can make sufferers feel feverish and experience a variety of complaints related to respiratory disorders. However, if it's just the chills and weakness that you feel, it doesn't seem to be typical to refer to a Corona virus infection.

Our advice, first resolve complaints in your eyes, as well as your chills and weakness by:

 Rest more Cold compresses the eyes are experiencing complaints Use protective glasses and always wash your hands before holding excessive eyes so that the eyes do not concede foreign objects Do not always do activities outside the home, except if urgent relaxation The steps above can be lived by you for the next 1-3 days. If it improves, chances are your condition is not dangerous. But if on the contrary, or if there are more severe complaints, such as blurred eyes or sudden pain, swelling, vomiting more than 5 times, and high heat, do not hesitate to go to the doctor directly for further treatment. If necessary, later the doctor which will refer you to an ophthalmologist or other specialist doctor.

I hope this helps.

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