The Eyelids Are Often Swollen?

Illustration of The Eyelids Are Often Swollen?
Illustration: The Eyelids Are Often Swollen?

congratulations instead, I want to ask that my eyelids are often very swollen and not just one eye but both. it could be because I’m allergic to eating eggs or shrimp fish but sometimes I don’t eat fishy fishy but still swollen. and if it’s not swollen, I hold my eyelid like a hard bulge so small it’s been a long time, it doesn’t disappear. and it’s been over 1 year since my eyelids are often swollen like this. I guess why my eyes?

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You should explain in advance exactly when your eyes are swollen? Is when you wake up, when you eat certain foods, or indeed there are no certain triggers? Does the swelling subside quickly (morning swelling, afternoon improves), or does the swelling continue for days? Are there other symptoms that you feel when your eyelids are swollen, for example, your eyes are sore, there is a foreign body sensation in the eyes, watery eyes, red eyes, etc.?

If your eyes are swollen when you wake up and disappear immediately during the day, then the condition can be caused by your sleeping position (for example, you often sleep on your stomach or sleep with your head down), it can also be caused by fluid retention (for example in a heart condition) , kidney disorders, or liver disorders). If your sleeping position is normal (you don't lie on your stomach, prop your head higher than your body) and the condition persists, you should check with your intern doctor for further evaluation.

If your eyes are really swollen when you eat certain foods, then maybe the swelling is caused by allergies. For example you are always experiencing swelling every time you eat eggs, then chances are you have an egg allergy. Allergies can also still occur if you eat other foods that may contain eggs in them (even though they are no longer eggs), for example cakes made with eggs, noodles, meatballs, etc. Likewise, if you have an allergy to fish or shrimp for example, you can still experience allergies by eating foods that contain shrimp or fish protein, for example you eat pempek, shrimp crackers or fish crackers, fish balls, etc. If indeed you have an allergy to certain foods, you must pay attention to all the food you eat. You should also avoid eating foods that contain your allergen protein.

If your eyes are swollen without certain clear patterns and are accompanied by other symptoms such as pain in the eyelids, red eyes, eye discomfort, etc., then you may experience inflammation of the eyelids (blepharitis). Blepharitis can occur due to many factors, for example allergic to cosmetics, infection of the eyelids, abnormalities in the oil glands in the eyelids, lice on the eyelashes, dermatitis on the eyelids, etc. In this case, you should do an examination to the eye doctor for further evaluation and management.

The hard lump that you feel in your eyelids is likely kalazion. Kalazion is a painless lump in the eyelid that appears due to a blockage in the oil glands in the eyelid. This condition is not dangerous and generally does not cause certain symptoms. You can compress your eyelids with a warm compress and gently massage the lump on your eyelid to get rid of the blocked gland. If the lump does not disappear, you can see your ophthalmologist for a small surgical removal of kalazion.

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