The Eyelids Swell And The Corneas Turn White.?

Illustration of The Eyelids Swell And The Corneas Turn White.?
Illustration: The Eyelids Swell And The Corneas Turn White.?

Congratulations mlm 4 days ago I was irritating contact lenses, but it was cured and 2 days I got eye disease again, so yesterday I put eyelash I think the fake eyelashes are conspicuous to the eye area and I don’t realize doo, then I take it off , then my corneal eye is white. In the afternoon I finished checking with an eye specialist and my cornea was infected with bacteria and festering whether to heal

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Hi Tiara.

Thank you for asking

Eye irritation due to the use of contact lenses and also false eyelashes that are not appropriate (not kept clean) can indeed cause inflammation of the cornea due to infection, or also called keratitis. This condition can cause the eyes to feel painful, sore, itchy, lumpy, runny, festering, red, swollen, more sensitive to light, and vision will also be disturbed by it. Depending on the severity, treatment given, and your response to the treatment, there are conditions that can completely heal, but can also lead to serious complications, for example the formation of scar tissue in the cornea, ulcers (sores), to visual disturbances or blindness which is permanent.

The steps you take are actually right, namely by checking yourself directly to an ophthalmologist. Early examination, and faster treatment are expected to increase the potential for recovery, so that even dangerous complications can be prevented. Take medication as the doctor recommends to you. In addition, balance the treatment with the following steps:

Do not do any random eye manipulation, including using contact lenses, applying eyelashes, using cosmetics around the eyes, and so on
Each will hold eyes, wash your hands first
Avoid rubbing your eyes excessively
If there are secretions coming out of the eye, clean with a clean tissue that does not contain perfume, then discard after every use, do not use repeatedly
Protect your eyes first so that you do not enter harmful foreign particles, using protective glasses
Do not carelessly buy additional drugs to deal with complaints in your eyes without a prescription directly from a doctor

If after 3 days undergoing treatment complaints still do not seem to improve, do not hesitate to check your condition to the ophthalmologist again ..

I hope this helps.

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