The Eyes Do Not Feel Sleepy?

Illustration of The Eyes Do Not Feel Sleepy?
Illustration: The Eyes Do Not Feel Sleepy?

Good night, I want to ask / how do I deal with my illness when I am tired of yawning my eyes don’t work, I tried to close them, but the luggage still wants to see #thank you 🙂

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Yawning does not always indicate that you are sleepy. Yawning is actually a body reaction that has the goal of cooling down blood flow to the brain. When the temperature of the brain increases (for example, when the brain is working hard), a person will feel tired and sleepy. The body will respond to this increase in brain temperature by yawning. That's why yawning is often associated with feeling tired and drowsy, even though the relationship between the two is related to an increase in temperature in the brain. Yawning lowers the temperature in the brain (makes the brain cooler), and reduces your fatigue and sleepiness a little. Therefore it is actually normal if you can't close your eyes after yawning if you haven't entered your sleep time.

If you have trouble sleeping at night (insomnia), then the case is different. The following are articles that you can read about insomnia.

So much information from me, hopefully it will be enough to answer

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