The Eyes Feel Itchy And Sore To Spread To The Head?

Illustration of The Eyes Feel Itchy And Sore To Spread To The Head?
Illustration: The Eyes Feel Itchy And Sore To Spread To The Head?

at night, my eyes have been itchy, sore, but why is my head so itchy ,? Is that related to my itchy eyes?

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Itching and tenderness in the eyes generally indicate inflammation. This inflammation can also cause the eyes to become reddish, runny, feel lumpy, swollen, secrete abnormal discharge, and also become more sensitive to light. There are many possible conditions that can trigger inflammation in the eye, including foreign body entry, allergies, irritation, injury, infection, side effects of using eye medications or certain medical measures on the eye, and so on. This inflammation can occur confined to the outer eye (conjunctivitis, blepharitis), or it can also involve deeper eye structures (uveitis, keratitis, endofthalmitis, panophthalmitis, etc.).

In addition to inflammation, itching and burning of the eyes can also be caused by eyes that feel tired, for example due to too much staring at gadgets, eye refraction disorders that are not corrected properly, and so on.

Discomfort in the eye can spread to other areas, including your head. However, it could also, itching on your head actually arises due to other reasons, such as insect bites, scalp infections, contact dermatitis, seborrheic dermatitis, psychosomatic disorders, and so on.

You should check your complaint directly to the doctor or ophthalmologist. Some types of drugs, ranging from topical medications (eye drops or ointments) or oral medications may be given by the doctor so that your complaints improve. It could also, the doctor refers you to a dermatologist, if you find that itching on your head appears due to a problem on the scalp.

Our current recommendations:

Do not rub the itchy eyes, do not scratch too much of the itchy head. Put artificial tears to the itchy and sore eyes first Protect the eyes so as not to get in the dust, smoke, and other foreign objects. Do not stare directly at the sun. use excessive cosmetics around the eyes Diligent shower, wash your hair clean Hopefully it helps ya ..

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