The Eyes Feel Sore And Yellowish?

Asalamualaikum. my eyes are a little sore .. the eyeball is also a little turbid yellowish gt. But I have symptoms that I have hepatitis. Just sweat it. Why?

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Hello, thank you for asking in advance.

Eye pain can be caused by the following causes:

- Eye irritation

- Dry eyes

- Conjunctivitis (inflammation of the lining lining the surface of the eyeball and inner eyelid)

- Refraction disorders or blurred vision such as nearsightedness or farsightedness

- Disorders of the cornea of ​​the eye such as injury, inflammation, allergies

Meanwhile, the yellowing of the whites of the eyes is a sign of a disease. This condition is caused by increased levels of bilirubin in the blood. The cause of this condition is divided into 3 groups, namely:

- Pre-hepatic disorders (disorders before bilirubin enters the liver).

Examples of the disease: Malaria, Thalassemia.

- Hepatic (disorders originating from the liver)

Examples of the disease: Hepatitis A, B, C

- Post-hepatic (disruption occurs after bilirubin is removed from the liver)

Examples of the disease: Gallstones, pancreatitis.

To find out the exact cause of your complaints, then you should do an examination with a specialist in internal medicine. However, due to the current corona virus outbreak, which is recommended to stay at home unless it is urgent, you can do the following things at home:

- Avoid alcohol consumption and avoid smoking

- Expand the consumption of fruits and vegetables

- Increase the consumption of water

- Enough rest

- Use a compress to relieve irritation
Soak a soft cloth in warm or cold water. Then squeeze and press slowly on the infected eye. Replace cloth immediately before switching to another eye to avoid transmission.

- Avoid using contact lenses

- Avoid substances / substances that cause eye irritation

- Use eye protection when working or on the move

If the complaint does not improve, then you can do a check directly to the nearest health service. For now, avoid leaving the house except for important needs (staying at home), washing your hands regularly with soap, keeping a distance from those around you, keeping your body and your immune system. Read this article further: VIRUS CORONA

Thank you, hope that helps.

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