The Eyes Get Tired Easily And Are Not Strong When Exposed To Light?

Hello, I want to ask, last month I checked my eyes into the optics of my eyes, and my left eye was cylindrical half and then my right eye was minus half, I really didn’t like it if I was exposed to a cellphone over time or was exposed to sunlight, my eyes went blurry and sometimes irritated runny nose, do I have to wear glasses that fit my eye condition when I check diopters, just wear anti-radiation glasses?

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The condition of the eyes that feel uncomfortable or feel sore when seeing bright light is also called photophobia. This can be caused by various things, namely:

- Dry eyes. Can be accompanied by complaints of red eyes, blurred vision, sensitive to sunlight, dry eyes and tired quickly, and others.

- Inflammation of the uvea eye / Uveitis

- Inflammation of the iris / Iritis

- Inflammation of the eye conjunctiva / conjunctivitis

- and others..

You should do an eye check at the nearest health facility. If you are advised to wear glasses, then you should wear glasses that match your eye condition after the results of the examination.

Here are things you can do at home to reduce complaints: avoid or reduce exposure to bright light, avoid smoking, rest your eyes (avoid looking at the phone screen / computer for too long because it will make the eyes tired and dry), maintain eye hygiene, get enough rest , and multiply the consumption of fruits and vegetables.

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