The Eyes Hurt When Staring At The Computer Screen Accompanied By Nausea?

u003cem u003eassalamualikum, I want to eat this, I’ve been working for 2 years in front of the computer, but now my eyes tend to hurt when I stare at the computer … I want to get nauseous … because of computer radiation, what do I need to use? glasses or how? u003c / em u003e

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Hello Mayira, Thank you for the question.

How long do you work at the computer in a day? Are you regularly taking breaks for some time, not looking at the computer? Do you experience other complaints such as headaches, red eyes, watery eyes, blurred vision, difficulty seeing objects at a certain distance?

Complaints of eye pain after working for a long time at the computer are generally caused by tired eyes. This complaint can occur if you use your eyes for a long time without resting. The complaints you can experience include sore or sore eyes, sensitivity to light, watery eyes, and blurred vision. Sufferers can also experience neck pain, headaches, and back pain.

You can do the following suggestions:

set the lighting for your computer and the room in which you work
keep your eyes on the computer (50-60 centimeters)
take a break from the computer every 20 minutes
if you have eye pain, try blinking at rest. If blinking doesn't help, you can use eye drops or close your eyes and apply compresses to your eyes with a damp cloth.
get enough rest
do simple muscle stretches for every few minutes

If you have done the methods above but the complaint persists, please consult an ophthalmologist so that the doctor can perform an examination of your eye to find out if this complaint is caused by other causes.

Hope this information helps you.

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