The Face And Parts Of The Eyes Are Slightly Yellowed In Newborns?

Illustration of The Face And Parts Of The Eyes Are Slightly Yellowed In Newborns?
Illustration: The Face And Parts Of The Eyes Are Slightly Yellowed In Newborns?

Good morning r nI want to ask that my child is now 25 days old and the whites of my child’s eyes are slightly yellowed and there are parts of the face that are slightly yellowing. R nEvery morning after finishing bathing I always dry in the sun and the intake of the juice is smooth r nMy questions r n1. Will the yellow color in the eyes and other faces disappear? R n2.this is because only in the face and side eyes only because as far as I know if yellowing, the leg area will also turn yellow but my child is only in the area of ​​the face and side eyes. R n3. Is there a way or solution to return to normal? r nI ask for a solution because my child is quite agile and not lazy and I always give breast milk every 2 hours or even often in an hour, but how come I still remember while my child is almost 1 month old r nPlease help and the solution r nThank you

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Hello Ervina Wuri, thank you for your trust in

The condition of jaundice / jaundice in newborns can be a normal process / natural and does not require special therapy or can also be caused due to abnormalities or certain diseases in infants.

Yellow is said to be normal in infants if yellow occurs after the baby is> 1 day old and disappears at 14 days (in full term infants) or 21 days (in premature dead). In addition, the levels of bilirubin (a compound that causes a yellow color on the skin) must also meet the criteria / should not be too high. This can occur because babies need time to be able to maximize the function of their organs.

There are several causes of yellow conditions in babies who are not normal, for example:

Incompatibility of a baby's blood type with the mother. This condition usually occurs in infants who have blood type A or B, while the mother has blood type O. Where in blood type O, there are protein antibodies that fight antigens A and also B. In other words, the baby's red blood cells rupture due to ' attacked 'by antibodies in the mother's blood. The red blood cells that rupture will cause the formation of bilirubin in sufficient quantities to cause yellow.
Congenital infectious disease (when in the womb). For example rubella or Cytomegalovirus (CMV) infections, and so on.

Breastfeeding jaundice, a yellow condition due to lack of breast milk intake and infant formula. The condition of yellow in these babies can disappear if the baby is given enough milk. In addition there is also a condition called breastmilk jaundice, where the yellow condition is actually caused by the content of breast milk (rare).
Lack of certain enzymes to change bilirubin.
and so forth.

Here is an explanation for your question:

Will the yellow color in the eyes and other face disappear? The yellow color on the skin and parts of the eye can disappear after the bilirubin level decreases or the conditions that cause it have been resolved.
Related to the danger of yellow only in the face and side eyes only, in fact, there is an assessment of the severity of the condition of yellow in infants. If there is an increase in bilirubin, the first time yellow is seen in the whites of the eyes (sclera), then if it continues to increase, yellow can be seen on the facial skin, then extends to the neck, body, arms, hands and feet (from top to bottom). So, if the yellow has reached the hands or feet, it is actually worrying because it shows very high levels of bilirubin.
Is there a way or solution to return to normal? To overcome this yellow condition, it is necessary to find out in advance the cause. The baby's skin condition will return to normal if the bilirubin levels return to normal. There are several ways to reduce the number of bilirubin, one of which is by phototherapy (as indicated). Meanwhile, keep giving breast milk 8-12x / day and drying the baby in the morning sun.

It's good that you have done the right care for the baby, such as diligently drying the baby, breastfeeding every 2 hours, and pay attention to his condition. However, because your child is 25 days old, this yellow condition should not occur, so, my advice, have your child consult a pediatrician. The doctor will ask and look for the cause of the condition of yellow in children, do a complete physical examination, and also if needed the doctor will do a blood test to determine the level of bilirubin in children.

Keep watching your child's condition, if the child looks weak, lazy to suckle, cry with a high-pitched voice, convulsions, immediately take your child to the nearest hospital.

You can also read: Recognize the Causes of Yellow Babies and Treatment as well as the following articles from the Indonesian Pediatrician Association, Mother's Milk and Jaundice.

That's all, hopefully it's useful, and hopefully your child is always healthy.


dr. Sheryl Serelia.

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