The Face Feels Stiff After Pulling Teeth?

Illustration of The Face Feels Stiff After Pulling Teeth?
Illustration: The Face Feels Stiff After Pulling Teeth?

Hello doctor, I want to ask. R nMonday, then I pulled out the lower right tooth, okay? After removing the tooth, there was no effect. Just normal r nBut after 3 days of pulling it out, why does my right face look like it’s not working properly? My right eye can’t blink and close completely, even when I drink using a straw, my right lip becomes slightly tilted / stiff like a stroke. Is that an effect of anesthesia or what? I am afraid that I will hit the nerves during tooth extraction. R nThank you doctor, please enlighten me

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Hello Randi,

Decreased function in the facial area can be caused by several possible causes, such as the effect of certain drugs, inflammation of the face, the effects of anesthetics such as the removal of the nails, facial nerve disorders such as bells palsy, stroke and other possibilities. For this reason, it is necessary to immediately check with a doctor or neurologist to determine the cause. Immediately check with the emergency room if you develop pelo talk, weakness in one limb or if accompanied by other symptoms such as severe headaches, vomiting, fainting and others.

Bells palsy itself is a temporary weakness on one side of the facial muscles that can arise due to inflammation or squeezing of the nerves that play a role in the area around the face. The causes themselves are various and cannot be known with certainty. For that, immediately get checked out if the complaints do not decrease or feel heavy.

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