The Feeling Of Almost Fainting Suddenly During A Strict Diet?

Illustration of The Feeling Of Almost Fainting Suddenly During A Strict Diet?
Illustration: The Feeling Of Almost Fainting Suddenly During A Strict Diet?

Good evening, I am a 21 year old student. So I really am on a strict diet, eat only 1x every day, occasionally 2x or 3x but I eat more often. So the end really can cut my body weight by 15kg in 3 months. But why yes, after I have gained a decent weight, my eyes are often fireflies when I arrive “standing from a sitting or lying down position. In fact, lately, every time I push up my neck often aches and leads to dizziness in the back of the head, even though it’s only 10x, everyday I can reach 35x and I do 2x every day, day and night. The funny thing is this happens when I try to push up, it never happens after other movements such as running in place, jumping jacks, squats, even lifting dumbbells. Only pushup effects will appear immediately. One day I once when riding a motorbike arrived “body feels very cold, glow worms”, ears buzzing, over time my vision was dark. Luckily I was both with friends, so I could I think my body was just shocked, because on that day I consumed quite a lot of glucose, but exactly a week ago, the same thing actually happened, but I unfortunately am only alone, so I could not avoid an accident. And strangely, on that day and the day before, I only consumed 2 packs of indomie and rice in a full day. R nPlease answer me.

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Hello Timothy,

Basically the meaning of diet is to build a healthy diet that is by eating nutritious food and making it a long-term lifestyle. Not a few people who think that carrying a diet is to reduce the portion of food / hour of eating with the aim of losing weight in a fast time. This is precisely the wrong thinking and needs to be corrected. Changes in eating patterns suddenly to lose weight can cause health problems, and this can make your efforts to lose weight is only yo-yo or can go back up again in a short time too.

Some risks that can occur when you go on a fast diet include:

Limp body and easily tired. This is due to the lack of calories needed so that the body is in a state of lack of energy so the body is easily weak and tired.
Poor nutrition. Foods that are excessively reduced will certainly eliminate some of the nutrients the body needs including carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, fats and proteins.
Body weight quickly rises again. A fast diet does not give the body a chance to burn calories in large quantities, so that when the diet stops, the body cannot burn calories from the food eaten, eventually the calories are converted to fat again and the body's weight goes up again.
Damaged muscle tissue. An extreme and fast diet basically does not burn fat, but instead burns the muscles of the body, so the muscles become damaged and the body shape becomes not ideal
Other bodily disorders such as headaches, constipation, hair loss, and irregular periods.
Other serious diseases that may occur such as gallstones, dehydration, electrolyte imbalance in the body.

In the case of those of you who felt like you fainted two days ago, this is a condition where the blood sugar levels are too low / hypoglycemia. This happens because the food you consume is food that can increase blood sugar levels quickly and decrease too quickly. Because simplex carbohydrates such as rice and wheat are carbohydrates that are easily digested by the body and can cause blood sugar levels to rise very quickly. An increase in blood sugar that is too fast can cause the body in general and muscles in particular can not use glucose to be converted into energy, because the body / muscle has been resistant to insulin where insulin plays an important role in the metabolism of glucose into energy.

In the end hypoglycemia is what happens to your body, so that your eyes feel dizzy, cold sweat, body trembling, headaches and other symptoms that are very disturbing to the body and interfere with your activities. Before you decide to lose weight you should consult with a doctor and a nutritionist, because this needs to be considered also the condition of your body is it safe to carry out weight loss and dietary patterns such as what needs to be done and does not interfere with your health.

Extreme diet can indeed lose weight, but it does not guarantee your body's health is maintained. Excessive weight really needs to be lowered to prevent the risk of annual / chronic disease, but the health of the body needs to be considered so that the diet is not only temporary and gain weight again.

Here is a healthy diet that you can learn and apply to your daily life and for a long period of time:

Set realistic targets every week. Small and simple targets are more important than large targets but only briefly, this gives the body time to adapt and control blood sugar in a stable condition, so that the body does not get fat easily when the diet is no longer followed.
Actively moving. Exercising at least 150 minutes per week can make you lose weight and make you feel fitter and healthier.
Reduce packaged food. Fast food and packaged foods are foods that are not healthy for the body. Nutrients that do not meet your needs but are high in calories will only harm the body, so it's better to avoid foods like this.
Choose foods that are processed by steaming or boiling. If forced to use the method of frying, then use a little oil or sauteed.
Rearrange the contents of your plate. Fill one third of the food on the plate with lean meat, fish or poultry, and multiply vegetables and fruit. And choose sources of complex carbohydrates such as brown rice, potatoes, corn, or sweet potatoes.
Do good habits that can nourish your body such as consuming mineral water at least 2L per day, not skipping breakfast, consuming lots of vegetables and fruits, exercising discipline, eating calmly and not eating foods that are high in calories.

Thus we can say, hopefully it will be useful for you, Thank you.

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