The Feeling Of Wanting To Die And End Life Is Often Accompanied By Self-injury?

Illustration of The Feeling Of Wanting To Die And End Life Is Often Accompanied By Self-injury?
Illustration: The Feeling Of Wanting To Die And End Life Is Often Accompanied By Self-injury?

Good morning I want to ask, why lately dear want to die? Always wanted to die and die, but my life was just death. I also feel uncomfortable when I’m with other people or in a crowd. This has happened since I was bullying and getting worse when my friend has passed, whereas I have not, because I had to repeat college because I was wrong in my department plus my mother was a cancer fighter. Every day I am always afraid of not being able to graduate and afraid of being left by my mother, so I think about dying. Repeatedly attempted suicide but still failed, I honestly tired. I have vented with friends but still nothing can help reduce my desire to die. Even yesterday I was almost selfharm but prevented by my family. I did it because my uas value was ugly, I hurt it because from childhood I was always punished by my parents if the value was ugly. Now my image is how to die, there are no dreams or ideals.

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Hello Gung Radha,

Thank you for the question.

The feeling of always wanting to end life is a form of a logical thought and is a form of something that must be dealt with immediately. This could be an advanced condition in which a person experiences certain conditions such as depression, bipolar disorder, trauma disorder, but this thought could have occurred without these conditions. You should immediately get professional treatment by going to a mental specialist or psychologist. That way, the doctor or psychologist will try to help your complaint from a health perspective.

First of all, you need to be sure that these uncomfortable feelings, like wanting to end your life, will be temporary. When someone experiences a particular problem or condition, hormones in the brain will also experience interference, including disrupting one's way of thinking. Although it's not as easy and fast to disappear, but with the right effort and treatment, you will gradually improve :)

You need to know that you are valuable, and you are not alone. It's hard when you have certain expectations in your life, but those expectations are not met, but it is a process and part of life, and it can help us learn to accept and give up something. Talking with your closest friends is indeed a way to help ease the burden, but it is not the only way.

What do you prefer? What is the thing that when you do it, you feel you have forgotten the world because you enjoyed it? Start with simple things by doing what you like, doing relaxation techniques, meditation, exercise (exercise can increase endorphins, or pleasure hormones, you know, let's try to start exercising, can jogging in the morning, or by swimming), writing in a journal, anything you can do to improve your mood.

In addition, if you have a feeling or desire to hurt yourself, immediately contact your friends. As you said, talking to friends isn't necessarily cool, but at least you have a handle or your support system. So, when you have the desire to do these things, there are people who can accompany you to avoid things that could endanger you. Oh yeah, don't forget to come to a professional like a psychiatrist or a psychologist. With gradual handling, you will gradually get better. :)

Remember, you are valuable, you are not alone, and you deserve to live.

Hopefully this information helps.

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