The Feeling Of Wanting To Endanger Yourself?

Illustration of The Feeling Of Wanting To Endanger Yourself?
Illustration: The Feeling Of Wanting To Endanger Yourself?

I’m Ryano, 15 years old. I have a disorder like I want to do what is forbidden … For example: 1. ride the motorbike want negas pol, 2. If you hold the knife in the tancepin to you and my brother .. r nWhat’s the reason? Please give a solution .. I don’t want to keep doing this (T ^ T) r nThanks 🙏

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Hi Ryano,

Thank you for asking

Need to be clarified, how long have you been experiencing these complaints? Did you really end up doing the prohibited act? So, do you have problems with your environment, for example related to family, relationships with friends, academic achievement, work, and so on?

Naturally, every human being is blessed by God who is curious enough. Curiosity about many of these things can make someone want to always try new things, including things that deviate from the standard rules. If you understand the adverse effects of this deviant act, and do not make you have to always do it, this condition does not always indicate a certain illness or mental disorder. Feeling to do some deviant behavior may be part of your personality that is quite hard, rigid, and difficult to accept changes, so it tends to be difficult to adapt to the rules.

However, if the deviant action is always done by you in the end, it makes you happy because you do not abide by the applicable rules, causing you to take actions that have the potential to endanger yourself or others, and also cause disruption to your life functions, so you may experience oppositional defiant disorder (ODD). Frequently, ODD will cause sufferers to be stubborn, often angry, often argue, do not want to follow the rules, blame others for the mistakes they made themselves, to make other people who interact with him uncomfortable. To say an abnormality, these various complaints must appear significantly to disrupt the patient's life function and last for at least 6 months in a row. It is not clear what causes ODD. However, many factors, such as genetics, environment, parenting patterns, family conflicts, and drug and alcohol abuse are strongly suspected to support this disorder.

In addition to ODD, several other conditions can also cause complaints like you experience, including mood disorders (mood), post-stress stress disorder, bipolar disorder, and so on.

If the complaint feels very burdensome to you, it never hurts you to go to consult directly with a doctor or psychiatrist. That way, the doctor can give you the best treatment tailored to your condition.

At this time, focus on doing the following steps:

If you want to do accordingly, make it a habit to think carefully first, reconsider the good and bad, not only for you, but also for others you care about. Familiarize positive thinking, including in living life and interacting with the environment around you If there are problems, solve it with good, don't avoid it or keep it buried so that it makes you stressed Sharing with people you trust can help find solutions to your problems, it can be parents, friends, community leaders, or even doctors Choose a good social environment Get yourself involved with useful activities, for example by studying, working, honing hobbies, organizing, worshiping Do not smoke or consume alcohol Sleep adequately and regularly Stay away from drugs Hopefully helps yes ..

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