The Feet Swell When Drinking Water?

Illustration of The Feet Swell When Drinking Water?
Illustration: The Feet Swell When Drinking Water?

When I drink water, my feet look a little swollen and when I don’t drink my feet return to their original shape, are these symptoms of kidney disease

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Regarding the complaint you made, there are several conditions that might occur:
1. Kidney disorders. Kidney is an organ that functions to release fluid along with the body's metabolic waste. In normal people, lots of drinking will be followed by increased urine production by the kidneys. However, in people with kidney disorders, excess fluid can not be removed so that there is accumulation of fluid in the tissue, or called udema.
2. Somatoform, which is a psychological or psychiatric disorder, in which the sufferer believes that he has a certain disease, even though no abnormalities or illnesses are found from the doctor's examination.
3. Is a normal condition, where basically you are in a condition of lack of fluids. After drinking enough, your skin tissue looks like swelling.
Because many things can happen, you should check with your nearest doctor. The doctor will conduct a medical interview and a thorough physical examination. Next will do the necessary investigations, such as routine blood, kidney function, stomach X-rays and abdominal ultrasound. Subsequent treatment depends on the results of the doctor's examination, whether sufficiently handled by general practitioners alone or need to consult with doctors who are big experts in their fields.
In the meantime, you should think positively about your physical health.
Thus hopefully useful.

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