The Fetus Does Not Move All Day?

Illustration of The Fetus Does Not Move All Day?
Illustration: The Fetus Does Not Move All Day?

Assalamualaikum, I want to ask if I am pregnant at 23 weeks of gestation, if the baby doesn’t move all day, why is that? Is it dangerous or not? Please explain 😊

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Hello Febby,

One of the ways a mother can experience the well-being of the fetus is to feel the fetal movement. Usually fetal movements in the 1-2 trimester are still irregular. Fetal movements begin regularly after 28 weeks of age and from then on, pregnant women are advised to count fetal movements every day. Fetal movement is felt at least 10x / 12 hours, some doctors say at least 10x / day. If the fetal movement is less than that or the fetus doesn't move at all, this needs to be watched out for and should be checked by a gynecologist.

The fetus will not move continuously non-stop. Sometimes the fetus is also "sleeping" so that no movement is felt. Pregnant women who have a lot of activity may also feel less fetal movement. However, it also needs to be aware of abnormal things that cause the fetus to not move, for example the fetus is deprived of oxygen, lack of nutrition, fetal distress and fetal death in the womb.

If you don't feel fetal movement, try the following tips:

Stay calm and think positively, try not to panic or worry
Try lying on your left side for 1-2 hours while providing stimulation to the fetus
Give stimulation to the fetus by pressing gently on the stomach such as inviting him to play, talk and call him, stick cold objects on the stomach, listen to loud sounds, drink cold water, drink sweet drinks

If with the above tips the fetus still does not move until the next day, then you need to be vigilant and you should immediately go to the obstetrician so that the doctor can monitor the condition of the fetus directly, for example through an ultrasound examination. If the results of the fetal examination are fine, then you can be relieved but you are advised to monitor fetal movements every day.

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Thank you and hope it helps,

dr. Devika Y

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