The Fetus Has Not Been Seen At 2 Months Of Gestation?

Illustration of The Fetus Has Not Been Seen At 2 Months Of Gestation?
Illustration: The Fetus Has Not Been Seen At 2 Months Of Gestation?

Hello, I am 2 months pregnant with a body weight of 56 kg height 165 cm at the age of 25 years, I am pregnant with a 6x5x8 cyst, and sometimes I fleck sometimes bleed a little like the first day of menstruation sometimes clean What is the cause of the cyst? And on Tuesday, July 23, 2019 I had a urine test again and it turned out to be negative but my uterus was open, said the pregnant doctor, but the fetus until the age of 2 months had not been seen. maintained, then heard the results of the urine test turned out negative I was disappointed, the doctor still suspected that I was pregnant outside the uterus but outside had not been seen and then the doctor doubted whether I was said to be pregnant empty? If I really need hsg, does it hurt? I heard it’s a little dangerous. And do I have to have a curette to clean my womb? Then what about the cyst? Thanks.

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Hello Kia,

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There are many types of cysts. Do you mean an ovarian cyst?

Ovarian cyst is a fluid-filled sac that forms in the ovaries due to interference with the process of egg maturation. Ovarian cysts are not located in the uterus (where the fetus develops), so they should not interfere with the fetus as long as they are not enlarged. Even harmless cysts will often shrink on their own as the developing fetus in the womb. Even so, according to some literature, the presence of cysts can facilitate the occurrence of uterine contractions, which if it occurs quite severe at the age of the womb is still small can trigger a miscarriage.

Bleeding that you experience during pregnancy, in addition to the cyst, can also occur due to implantation bleeding, trauma to the reproductive organs (for example due to sexual intercourse), or disorders of pregnancy (such as miscarriage, ectopic pregnancy, grape pregnancy, or empty pregnancy). Usually, bleeding that occurs related to miscarriage will appear with a lot of volume, clot, and accompanied by cramps or abdominal pain that is very intense. This miscarriage can occur due to fetal chromosome abnormalities (including in cases of empty pregnancy), maternal health problems (for example hypertension or uncontrolled diabetes, infections in pregnancy), unhealthy lifestyles, exposure to chemicals or radiation, and so on.

If you are pregnant normally, at the womb age of 8 weeks or more naturally the fetus can be clearly observed through an ultrasound examination. You are said to be empty pregnancy if the sac of pregnancy is already visible in the uterus, but there is no fetus in it until the womb reaches the age of 8 weeks or more. If there is also no pregnancy sac in your uterus, it is more likely that you are experiencing an ectopic pregnancy (pregnancy outside the uterus). To be able to survive in the womb, the condition of the mouth of the uterus must not be open. The open cervix, accompanied by negative testpack results, is most likely caused by miscarriage. However, to ensure this, a direct physical examination is needed, as well as a radiological examination, for example by ultrasound. So, it is not enough to just capitalize on online consultations like this, yes. Examination and treatment as what must be done can only be determined after your condition is clearly identified.

Therefore, you should check yourself back to the obstetrician so that you can do a more in-depth evaluation. At this time, multiply first rest, do not have sex that involves vaginal penetration before being declared safe by a doctor, and always live a healthy lifestyle. Don't be afraid or worry too much, and cultivate positive thinking over all of God's destiny.

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