The Fetus Has Not Been Seen During Ultrasound At 10 Weeks’ Gestation?

Hello .. The last day of the first menses is 5 December 2018, around 15 February 2019 which is said to have been 10 weeks, I did an ultrasound but when the ultrasound was still not visible. According to your doctor, is the womb really 10 weeks old? And is the fetus likely to be seen over the next few weeks? In addition, I also did not experience interference such as discharge and not feeling nausea as well as normal pregnant mothers.

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Hello Alia, thank you for asking on the forum.

First let me make a little correction. In the calculation of gestational age, the date that becomes the main reference used is the first day of last menstruation (HPHT) not the last day of the first menstruation as you said above. However, if your HPHT is December 5, 2018, based on calculations, your uterus will have reached the age of 10-11 weeks, which in general can be found in the presence of a fetal abdominal ultrasound examination.

If indeed there is no fetal ultrasound found, there are several conditions that might occur to you such as a blighted ovum, pregnancy outside the womb, miscarriage, or indeed the occurrence of a pregnancy. Whether your fetus will be seen in the next few weeks, it all depends on the underlying circumstances that you are experiencing, whether you are currently experiencing a normal pregnancy or not.

Also keep in mind that intense nausea is not something that must occur if someone has a pregnancy, nausea can be used as an early marker of pregnancy, but it is only subjective and the nausea in pregnancy can occur due to side effects from increased hormones pregnancy and not all people who are pregnant have this condition. If you are indeed pregnant and do not experience complaints of severe nausea, then this is good especially if your fetus is also in a healthy condition.

For now, avoid excessive stress because it can increase the chance of disruption during pregnancy. Also consume nutritious and healthy food to support your pregnancy. Exercise regularly by following sports that are recommended for pregnant women. Get enough rest and follow all the advice of the doctor who is currently treating you to maintain the health of your pregnancy.

I hope this helps.

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