The Fetus Suddenly Disappears At The Age Of 4 Months?

Hello … good morning my doctor Yayan from Jakarta r nI want to ask at the end of last June to be precise on June 29 2017 I tested positive for pregnancy, I checked with the nearest maternity house to make sure if I was really pregnant it was already 6 weeks given vitamin medicine etc., on July 14 I had spots I checked back to the midwife near the house because the fatigue lasted only 3 days after the end of July, on July 28 2018 I had blood spots like menstruation I checked back to the maternity house where I checked first I said if I bled the midwife also suggested that the ultrasound that day I immediately went to the ultrasound, the results of the ultrasound, there was still no visible fetus from the doctor. r nUSG was given vitamins and uterine boosters, in the next 1 month asked to come back again to be seen again, August 27 2018 I bled again until 29 August 2018 to the next day by 30 August 2018 I checked again with the ultrasound doctor how much To my surprise, my husband and I, the result was that the fetus was not in my womb, there was no bag, the doctor said it meant normal menstrual blood, not a fetus, but I felt my stomach was big like a pregnant woman and there was a movement in my stomach. If a case like this is dangerous to me thank you wassalam ..

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Hello Pure,

We understand your concerns and confusion. When was the first day of your last period? If June 29 is 6 weeks, chances are that by this time your pregnancy should be around 14-15 weeks or around 3 months. What I have captured from your information is a positive testpack result, the previous ultrasound results showed a fetal bag, no fetus yet, and had several spots or bleeding.

Please note that a positive test pack result is a sign of the possibility of getting pregnant. Pregnancy is confirmed by an ultrasound examination that finds the gestational sac, fetal heart rate, and fetal movement. When a new ultrasound is found in the pregnancy sac, the doctor will wait several weeks to see how it has progressed. Generally, the fetus begins to appear at the age of 6-10 weeks. If the pregnancy bag is 25 mm in size but the fetus is not visible, it is possible that this condition leads to an empty pregnancy / blighted ovum (BO). It is possible that this condition is happening to you.

BO is an abnormal pregnancy condition. The mother's body will terminate this abnormal pregnancy so that the mother will experience a miscarriage with signs of bleeding during pregnancy and abdominal pain and cramps. If necessary, the doctor can perform a curette or provide additional drugs to help clean the uterus from remaining tissue.

Meanwhile, if the pregnancy bag does not appear from the start but the test pack results are positive, it is necessary to think about the possibility of a testpack error, chemical pregnancy, ectopic pregnancy / pregnancy outside the womb, the effect of the drug taken, and the presence of a tumor that produces pregnancy hormone (beta HCG).

In addition to the conditions above, if a woman really wants a child until her body responds by producing pregnancy hormones, then she may experience pregnancy symptoms including an enlarged stomach, enlarged breasts, a feeling of a fetus moving in her stomach, morning sickness, and not menstruating. , but the woman is not actually pregnant. If checked, the fetus will not be found from the ultrasound examination. This condition is called pseudocyesis and can last for several months or even more than 9 months. Pseudocyesis can improve when the woman has accepted the condition that she is not pregnant.

For now you should not worry first and I suggest that you consult your gynecologist if possible at the same hospital as the ultrasound for the first time so that the doctor can see your medical record data. If you are not satisfied with the results of the examination, you can seek a second opinion with another obstetrician so that you can explain in more detail about your condition as well as any possible treatments that need to be given.

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