The Fever Goes Up And Down, The Stomach Is Full, The Chest Feels Pressed And The Left Breast Hurts?

Hello I am elida age 20 years, I have had fever up and down some days, and last night I felt my stomach hard and full, no appetite, then my chest felt like being pressed and felt a bit painful when I laughed in a sleeping position and waist upper left feels achy, left breast also feels pain disappearing and weak, why is that? Please guide

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Hello Elida, Thank you for the question.

How many days have you had a fever and have you seen a doctor to find out the cause? Fever is the body's response when dealing with infections that enter the body. Someone is said to have a fever when his body temperature reaches 38 degrees Celsius and above. Some infectious diseases can cause symptoms of fever. Some causes of fever are:

dengue fever
urinary tract infection

Most complaints from diseased breasts are caused by hormonal changes during the menstrual cycle. Usually the breasts will feel pain during the fertile period (2 weeks before menstruation) and disappear after menstruation. This complaint may coincide with a fever complaint. For now, please monitor the symptoms of breast pain. If this complaint occurs continuously for 2 weeks or more or gets worse, do not hesitate to consult a doctor.

To ascertain the cause of this fever complaint requires an examination by a doctor directly. Therefore, before the symptoms get worse, please consult with your doctor. The doctor needs more information about your symptoms, examine you, and do other tests if necessary, for example blood tests. After knowing the cause, the new doctor can provide treatment in accordance with your condition.

Please also do the following suggestions:

continue to consume nutritious food and adequate consumption of water
consume smaller but more frequent foods and choose foods that are softer to make them easier to eat
get enough rest for 7-9 hours every day
monitor body temperature with a thermometer regularly
taking paracetamol to relieve fever
warm compresses on the waist and sore breasts
I hope this helps.

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