The First Cause Of Menstruation After A Miscarriage Is Short?

Illustration of The First Cause Of Menstruation After A Miscarriage Is Short?
Illustration: The First Cause Of Menstruation After A Miscarriage Is Short?

asalamualaikum I want to ask yesterday on June 5th I miscarried right at the age of 11 weeks of pregnancy on July 5 I got my first menstruation after my miscarriage until the 10th of July … interval how many days on the 25th I menstruate again until the 28th and now the 17th August I menstruate a song whether this symptom is normal or there is a disease in my body, please explain. thank you was.salamualaikum.wr.wb

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Hello Siti, Thank you for your question.

Have you experienced a miscarriage when you have consulted a gynecologist to ensure that your uterus is free of fetal tissue? Do you experience other complaints such as fever, lower abdominal pain or pelvic pain?

Miscarriage is fetal death under 20 weeks' gestation. This condition can be caused by a number of factors ranging from chromosomal abnormalities, chronic diseases experienced by pregnant women, infections, side effects of drugs, hormonal disorders, or abnormalities in the uterus. Miscarriage can cause bleeding symptoms from the vagina accompanied by lower abdominal pain and lower back. A woman who has a miscarriage should see a gynecologist so that the doctor can carry out further examinations to overcome this condition. In addition, doctors also need to do an ultrasound to ensure that the uterus is clean of fetal tissue. If there is still fetal tissue in the uterus, this condition can cause bleeding and infection in the uterus. Complaints about bleeding that you experience may be caused by this if you have not confirmed the condition of your uterus after a miscarriage. In addition, irregular periods can also be caused by hormonal imbalances, for example due to:

high stress level
strict diet
drastic weight change
excessive physical activity
thyroid hormone disorders
polycystic ovary syndrome

Pelvic inflammation, myoma, or endometriosis can also be a cause.

You should consult again with your obstetrician and gynecologist. The doctor needs to ask further questions about this complaint, examine you, and conduct an ultrasound. If you do not get checked, it is difficult to know the exact cause of this symptom. From the doctor's examination, the doctor will find out the cause of your complaint and can provide further treatment.

Please also do the following suggestions:

avoid excessive physical activity, meet your rest needs 6-8 kam per day
avoid strict diets, multiply the consumption of nutritious foods
'lose weight the right way if you have excessive weight
manage stress well
Hopefully this information is useful.

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