The First Day Menstrual Blood Is Black?

Illustration of The First Day Menstrual Blood Is Black?
Illustration: The First Day Menstrual Blood Is Black?

Good morning. I want to ask .. Why was my blood black on the first day? Is it dangerous? Every month I menstruate regularly. Tapii this is the first time the first menstrual blood is black.

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From the information you have conveyed, a complaint of black blood may indicate the age of old blood, but this blood only comes out when you are menstruating. So if this complaint is not accompanied by other significant complaints, in general this condition is still within reasonable limits. What needs to be considered is to maintain optimal physical condition and stamina just before menstruation. Thus, this effort can help reduce menstrual complaints that may occur.

However, the main cause needs to be confirmed directly by your obstetrician, especially if this complaint recurs in the next two cycles.

Doctors can consider the possible causes of this complaint for certain medical conditions, such as:

1. infection

2. myoma

3. brown cyst

4. disturbance of female hormonal balance

Direct examination by a doctor and continued ultrasound examination can help determine the possible cause of this complaint.

Treatment and medication will be given according to the results obtained.

That's the information we can convey, read also black menstrual blood.

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