The First Treatment After Being Exposed To Rusty Nails?

Illustration of The First Treatment After Being Exposed To Rusty Nails?
Illustration: The First Treatment After Being Exposed To Rusty Nails?

Hello, I’m Alfin Maulana, 16 years old. my feet got rusty nails after that I washed it with water and I gave wasp oil, and tomorrow I just give alcohol to betadine. Can it prevent tetanus? Previously I also had diphtheria injection 3 months ago.

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Hello Alfin M, thank you for asking

Tatanus is a condition or disease that causes a person to become a seizure, and these spasms are generally more spasms or stiff muscles throughout the body usually begin to be felt in the jaw and neck. Tetanus appears as a result of toxins from bacteria Clostridium tetani that enter and attack nerves through dirty wounds.

To find out someone has tetanus is not determined through laboratory tests, or there is no specific test done to find out whether someone has tetanus. Tetanus is determined based on symptoms and examination carried out by a doctor. The following symptoms can occur in tetanus:

Spasms, stiff muscles throughout the body
Usually stiff muscles start in the jaw, it's difficult to open the mouth. The patient's face also looks grinning, referred to as risus sardonicus.
Difficulty swallowing
Stiff neck
Stomach muscles are stiff like a board
Sensitive to light, and sound
Seizures can occur that are triggered by sound or light

However, symptoms will usually appear 4 -14 days after germs enter the body. And if left untreated it can be dangerous because it can be life threatening. Therefore, if you have a dirty wound, the contents of this case are punctured by stiff nails, you should still do a doctor's examination.

At the beginning the doctor will examine your wound and ask about your vaccination history. Regarding diphtheria vaccine is usually this vaccine is given in combination with other vaccines, namely the tetanus vaccine. Children who have entered the age of 7 years and over will be given a diphtheria vaccination booster with Tdap or Td vaccine at the age of 10-12 years. The following are diphtheria and tetanus vaccines.

Tdap Vaccination. Given to children and adults, aged 11-64 years, to prevent tetanus, diphtheria, and whooping cough.

Td vaccination. Given to teenagers and adults to prevent tetanus and diphtheria. This vaccination is recommended to be done once every 10 years.

If you have previously had a diphtheria vaccination, usually the vaccine is a combination with the tetanus vaccine. So that your body already has antibodies against tetanus germs. So that method is also included in the prevention of tetanus infection.

Even if you have a history of tetanus vaccination, you should check the wound to the doctor, so that the doctor can see the condition of the wound, and remove the remnants of sharp or rusty objects, then do debridement, namely cleaning with alcohol and antiseptics. In addition, the type of injury in penetrating wounds, for example, because nails need antibiotics to kill or prevent germs from entering.

Moreover, if you believe that the wound is contaminated with dirty nails, it is usually given a drug called Anti Tetanus Serum (ATS). and this ATS will be effective if given before 24 hours you are injured. Therefore it is important to consult a doctor immediately after the injury, and the first step you take to wash the wound is also the main step to clean debris or dirt on the wound.

The following article further hits: Tetanus

That's all the answers from us, hopefully it's useful.

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