The First Treatment For Appendicitis Without Surgery?

Illustration of The First Treatment For Appendicitis Without Surgery?
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Previously, I had experienced right abdominal pain for a long time like a few months ago. And 2 weeks ago I had diarrhea and the stools were black in color with mucus. I also have a fever and pain in the lower right abdomen. I’ve been to the doctor and the doctor suggested an ultrasound. Ultrasound results showed that the appendix was not visualized. But I have a urinary tract infection. But when I gave the results of the ultrasound to the doctor, the doctor said that I had appendicitis and I needed surgery immediately. But I refused to operate. Within 2 weeks I took herbal medicine, and as a result my stomach was getting worse. And I went back to the doctor and gave the surgery schedule. The results of the operation left me a little confused. My stomach was operated in the center next to the navel vertically. And the intestines I saw were “L” shaped and fresh red in color. Is my intestine healthy or not?

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Hi Aida,

Inflammation of the appendix or appendicitis known as appendicitis is a condition that can affect health and can lead to serious complications if not treated properly. Symptoms of appendicitis include:

Moderate to severe abdominal pain that can start in the middle of the abdomen and move to the lower right abdomen Loss of appetite Abdominal bloating Nausea and vomiting Constipation or diarrhea Fever To determine the cause, it is necessary to have an examination by a doctor, both interviews, physical examinations and supporting examinations to confirm such as tests blood tests, urine tests, ultrasound or other necessary examinations such as a CT scan. Doctors themselves already have criteria to enforce or determine whether a person's condition has appendicitis or not, one of them using the Alvarado score.

The main treatment for appendicitis or an inflamed appendix is ​​surgical removal of the appendix, also known as an appendectomy. The operation itself can be carried out with several techniques such as open incision surgery techniques such as those performed where the incision is made in the lower right abdomen in the position of the appendix, keyhole or laparoscopic techniques or if complications occur due to rupture of the inflamed appendix or peritonitis, this technique needs to be performed. laparotomy or open surgery with a larger incision to clean the entire abdominal cavity filled with bacteria from the rupture of the inflamed appendix.

The appendix itself is shaped like a appendage of worms or like a finger that can widen and enlarge, varying in size in each individual. Removal of the appendix itself will not have much effect on long-term health, even if it is not removed when inflammation occurs it can cause complications that harm the body.

Keep the surgical wound clean and dry, take the medicine given by the doctor as recommended, avoid strenuous activities, lift heavy weights for several weeks until fully recovered. Also do postoperative check-ups with your doctor to assess postoperative wound healing.

Hope it is useful,

dr. Adi P.

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